Saturday, 19 February 2011

Saturday Stuff

This is going to be a bit of a stuff post today, cuz it doesn't really have a single theme. I'm just going to give yu my news from the last two days, seeing as the human hasn't blogged for me! She's left me alone an awful lot too, so she's in the bad books.

>Thursday was the first day she didn't write for me. She'd planned to, but that all got messed up when one of her friends met her. She'd gone down town to pick up the packing materials we needed so that I could send off my parcels to everyone I promised. Do you know how much stuff is in them? Oh, there's so much good stuff! I'm not one normally to climb into boxes or bags, but she could hardly get the stuff packed I was snoopervising so closely. I did try and climb into one of the bags, but don't worry. I jumped out before she sealed it up, so you won't be getting a delivery of Tia!

Speaking of posting, we have a bit of a problem. We need to get in touch with the Random Felines, as they were the others who promised to toy exchange with us. However, the human can't comment on Their blog
cuz they have word verification enabled. They also don't have an email listed, so we can't even contact them that way. Randomers, if you're reading, please can you get in touch with us by email? I need your address so that the human can send everything! To you others, would one of you mind dropping a comment on their blog to say we need them, just in case they aren't reading any more? Sorry to ask for it. I hate word verification, and so does the human!

Anyway, I got totally side tracked! So she went down town when she should have been at the work hunt, but while there, she bumped into a friend who told her that it was her little boy's birthday today. The little boy loves the human, so she knew she had to go see him, and that's what she did. She didn't even come home from the work hunt first! By the time she got back it was late and she was totally worn out from dealing with mad birthday humankittens all day, so she said she couldn't write for me.

Then yesterday she went to see another person after the work hunt. This person also calls themselves a cat breeder. She has two pet siamese and two breeding somalis. Like the human, she's just starting out, so it was nice for them to get together and chat. The human had a good cuddle with the meezers which I wasn't overly happy about, but she gave me extra loving when she came home, oh, and also extra stinky goodness! You can't stay mad at a human like that, even if she does stink of other cats.

She's spent all day today with me, so I spose I shouldn't complain. Oh, oh, oh, she also got the suitcase out again! She's filling it full of all of her clothes so that they'll be ready for when we move. I helped her in my usual way, and boy did I have fun! I even learned that suitcase zips are excellent things to attack. They make such a great jingle when you thwap 'em!

Now there's some really, really big news. you remember me telling you that my human's eyes are broken? Well, they might not have to be that way for much longer. She's had very tentative contact from the hospital where she used to have her eyes checked when she was a humankitten. They were phoning on behalf of researchers who have developed a chip that can be put into a people eye. It's supposed to give some vision to peoples whose eyes are broke because of the same reason that the human's are. They wanted to know if the human was interested in taking part. Of course she said she was, but that she needed more information before she made her final decision. There's always risks with surgery. She can see the difference between light and dark at the moment, and is worried that she might lose that if something goes wrong, but if it goes right, she stands to gain so much. It's a hard decision to make. She spoke to the HG today who also has broken eyes. the HG thinks she should have it done, and wants to take part herself! So who knows, they might end up having the treatment together. Wouldn't it be ironic that, after waiting all this time to get a physio job, she has to turn it down for something like this? What do you all think? Please don't go with your gut and just say yes straight away. Think of what she has to lose as well as what she has to gain. Is it worth the loss of the tiny bit of vision she has? It would be nice to hear opinions. I'll tell you more as soon as they call her back with more information, but I think exciting times are ahead!

Speaking of the HG, there's also super exciting news there too! As you all know, I'm a super star show cat. I love it cuz it gives me a chance to see a lot of nice peoples, and I can also win prizes just for having beautiful floof! Well, the human got talking to the HG recently. There's a show that's going on in April right near where the HG lives, and she asked if we could come stay with her and then go to the show from her house. The HG said yes, but I got to thinking. Although I don't know her, she's promised me all sorts of nice things already like cuddligng and scratching and treats and toys and, well, you get the picture. So wouldn't it be nice of me in return to let her see me at my best? If she came with us, I could be on show for the HG as well as the judges, and what a day that would be! I had the human extend my invitation to her, and guess what? She said yes! So I have the honour, and I do say honour cuz she seems like such a nice HG, of initiating her into the world of cat showing! I've decided that I'll let her get me ready for the big day so that she knows all about every little thing that goes on in making me look my best. Of course, I'll have the human on hand to help and make me look extra pretty, but the HG will get some real hands on experience for making sure I'm looking my best. She's already said that she'll buy me a toy on the day! The human has this tradition where she buys me lots and lots of nice things from all the peoples who sell at the show so that when I'm done looking my best, I can roll around like a nip head and work off the super star stress, and the HG says she'll do it too! Oh, what a day it'll be! HG, can you find me some tuna flavoured nip, please? Even the human hasn't gotten that good yet!

Hmm, now let's think, what else? Well, I'm still learning about trust, but I think I'm going to keep that until tomorrow. The human's going out again. She's trying to catch up with all the peoples she knows one last time before leaving here next week, so it means I won't really be seeing much of her. Oh well, I guess I can cope with that for a wee while.

Oh, I tentatively think that I'm over the sneezies, although the human's still keeping a very close eye on me. I go through periods where my nose is very wet, then others where it's very dry. I haven't needed a mucolytic or to be steamed again though, so I'm holding my own. I really, really hope that's the last of it done now! I could do with not being sick for a bit.

The human's hoping that I start thinking about mancats soon. She says if I do it this week I can go see my nice man friend again before we move away. I've been teasing her by sticking my bum in the air, but really it's cuz I like it when she scratches my tail, not because I'm thinking about mancats. Who knows though. Spring is in the air, and spring is for propper kittens to be made!


Torie said...

Carlie that's cool about the surgery thing. This is just my oppinion though-I wouldn't fancy getting my sight back after all this time. I mean it would be so hard to have to re learn everything again and that. I don't have any vision at all, but I wouldn't want to lose any that i did happen to have.

I would think about it really carefully though, and go with your heart.

Take care, and good luck! Xxx.

Old Kitty said...

Gosh Tia, I think your lovely human is wise do do more research on this new procedure - maybe ask around and talk to more people who've had this procedure done? Is that possible? GOOD LUCK!!!

And Tia!! Me and Charlie are so in AWE that you're a showkitty!! Awww how lovely! You'd make a fabulous mentor too!!

Take care

Katnip Lounge said...

Tia, we think your Human is wise to think the eye surgery through from all directions. Seeing is a neat thing, but how much does she need it vs. possibly not even knowing if it's dark or light? Of course, seeing you is paradise itself so maybe that's the clincher. Blindness certainly doesn't seem to crimp her social life in the LEAST!!! heh heh.
We are so happy your nose is better, and maybe you might see your ManCat...that elevator butt may not just be for pets!
Mommy left a message on Random Feline's Blog. They have a YouTube account, maybe you could leave a message that way.

Tia said...

Tori, I think that the human's heart is probably the only thing that will be able to make this decision honestly.

Charlie and people, unfortunately, she can't. This is a research procedure, so hasn't been done before sept in animals, and i don't allow her to talk to other animals.

Catnip crew, you are so great, you know that? Every day you make my human smile and me mol. Elevator butt? Super! Thank you for leaving the comment on the RF blog. As for her seeing, well, what other possible reason could she have for wanting to see? It's all about me! Not tht I'm blowing my owntmperanying. By the ayakn you ot all your mancats for being my valentines! I wasn't expecting so many of you to come! you don't think any of them would mind if i went to see my mancat friend, do you? I promise not to love him as much!

OKcats said...

Wow, Tia, your house is really busy! A move, visiting - your human must be exhausted! She must also be very excited but nervous about the possible eye surgery. I'll keep my fingers crossed that things go well, should she decide to partake. I wanted to stop by and thank you for your kind words on our blog after my dad passed. It is sad when we have to say goodbye, but sometimes it is also a relief when you know the person is suffering or living a quality of life they would not want. That is where I take my peace from. But the kindness I have been shown by people I've never met in person has been incredible. I am truly thankful for you and the rest of the CB. You are a kind person, and I appreciate you.

Hannah and Lucy said...

Oh goodnes Tia - what a lot of news to take in. It will be interesting to hear what more your mom can find out about the operation to help her eyes and then to decide if she is interested or not. We had to laugh to hear that the kitties from Katnip Lounge were talking about you and your elevator butt!! Is the mancat involved a handsome beast??
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Karen said...

I know your human is young, I personally would go for the surgery, but this is from someone who has always had sight and would not know what to do without it. But she does have to weigh the risks.