Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Tricky Tuesday

I never have a dull day, do you know that? Well, I do, but they're few and far between at the moment. As you know, I was due to go home yesterday, but I didn't manage it in the end. Oh, sure, I got to the train station all right, riding in splendor as befits my rank on the lap of my human in the front seat of Mark's car. I'm getting braver now. The more I come to trust the human, the more I can explore without being frightened. Usually when we drive, I just lie down and close my eyes and have a sleep, but yesterday I stood up on my human's knee and had a good look at everything all around me as we drove, and I didn't get scared once!

I was good in the PTU at the station too. I sang, but as I'd had that nasty anaesthetic the day before, I felt it wouldn't be propper to over exert my vocal chords. It's bad for them, you know. Instead of the aria that I'd planned, I performed a simple pop song instead, much to the amusement of the people who works in the shop where the human bought some water. Just as we were about to head for the train though, we heard an announcement that said that it wasn't running. There'd been a fatality on the line, whatever that is. My human didn't want to talk about it, but she did tell me it meant that someone had been killed. Not a nice thought for a Monday afternoon, I can tell you. They'd cancelled a lot of trains and there were major delays. The human knows that four hours is about my limit for travel tolerance, and she can't expect more of me than that. It takes us four hours on a good day to get from here to Yorkshire, but with the delays, it might have been double that. We didn't chance it. Instead, we got back in Mark's car and came all the way back to Dogman's house again. And here we still are. We'll try again today to get on the train, and hopefully this time we'll actually make it back!

The human's medical for her new work hunt went well yesterday. They said she was fit for post whatever that means, so now she's only waiting on the last bit of paper, the risk assessment, to come back. Once that's clear, they'll confirm a start date for her, and we'll be all set.

Amy, just to clarify, we are indeed moving, but the post on Sunday was by Kara, a cat who owns a special people friend of mine and the human's called Bug. She's moving too. My human hasn't started packing our stuff yet. She says she's leaving it as late as possible to cause me less stress, but personally I think she's leaving it cuz she can't face the idea of packing up again, a presumption enforced by the long, loud groans every time she bumps into a box.

Karen, Dogface has settled beautifully into her new home. We see her when we come up here every time Dogman's around at the weekends. The human has tried to interact with her as little as possible so as to make sure she bonds tightly with Dogman without old ties and loyalties getting in the way... As if dogfaces could be loyal! Dogface was a little confused by this initially, but seems to be understanding now, and while she still comes for cuddles, she's more focused on Dogman for her attention. She still whacks me in the face with that stupid, stupid tail though, and it's so big that it invariably knocks me off whatever I'm sitting on. Then Dogman has the nerve to tell me off when I thwap Dogface with my claws when she walks past. And all because Dogface does this little jump as if to say, in her stupid way, "Eh? What was that? Where'd it come from?" I don't even hit her hard enough that she yelps, but Dogman still doesn't like it when I do it. Stupid Dogman.

Now that I'm trusting the human more and more every day, I've been practicing the kissie game. This is something that the human has always played with me ever since I started going and showing off my floof to the judges and peoples who think I'm gorgeous enough to give me prizes. the game involves her giving me kissies in the weirdest of places out of the blue, and me not being surprised or flinching away, and getting loads of cuddles in return. Getting kissies also appears to be something I wasn't used to in the old home, but it's important in shows. Judges will often give you kissies if they like you, and just to see how you react. Even tempered cats will take it. Affectionate ones will give head bumpies.

It's important for me to feel comfortable with kissies so that I won't get scared or worried if a judge gives me one. The human started by rubbing her cheek against my shoulder. I didn't like this for months and months and would pull away from her when she did it, but she kept with it until I learned that cheek rubbing means that I'm gonna get lots of great cuddles shortly afterward. Then she progressed to burying her face in my furr. I didn't like that either, but again, she persisted. Just recently she's started making the kissie noise which I really don't like. it startles me and I always pull away. But over the last few days I've let her get closer and closer with that silly kissie mouth of hers. Today, I actually let her propperly kiss my tummy and even the top of my head, something unheard of even a week ago. As smooshy as this is going to sound, I actually liked it, so much so in fact that I put my head straight up for a good, solid scratching session behind the ears. Do any of you get kissies from silly people kissie mouths? How do you deal with it if you do? Is it really the thing to do to submit to them and actually like them? I know I will do it for the judges, but they're important peoples, and it could mean that I get a prize for doing it. But do I really have to give in to this sort of smushy degradation on a daily basis at home? Please tell me I don't!


Hannah and Lucy said...

Hi Tia - we get kisses from our mum - we find it best to be still and let her get the kisses out of her system and it's all over quicker than if we make a fuss cos then she starts again. Of course we need to have a good wash after to get rid of the of her wet kissy smell!!

Angie, Catladyland/Katt Food said...

My kitties get kissed ALL the time :) I even kiss them on the LIPS :)

Old Kitty said...

Awwwww Charlie loves kitty kisses on his head but nowhere else!! He lets me know too when he's had enough by getting his claws out! LOL!Take care

Karen said...

Tia, My little ones always gets lots of kisses from me.
I am glad to hear that Molly is doing well, How is your mom getting around without Molly. I know she must miss her