Sunday, 20 February 2011

Special Sunday

Do you know that this is the last sunday that me and the human will spend in this house? It's sad in a way, but in another, it's super exciting. We're just about to start on a new beginning, and I'm glad that she's taking me along for the ride with her! She's over-doing things though.

The human dreads moving for all the same reasons as everyone else, i.e, the packing, the organising, all of that, but she also worries because she has a bad back. Packing really aggravates it, but she usually manages. Well, this morning she woke up and was so sore that she could hardly move. She's spent a lot of time lying flat and getting into a hot bath and doing pretty much everything she can think of, but nothing's helping. I'm on nurse duty, cuz I want to make sure she can go to the work hunt tomorrow to earn the moneys I need for my stinky goodness!

Today is for special things though. Our last Sunday in the house is special. The human's back needs special attention, but what else is there to talk about? Well, there's trust and bonding.

The human says there's something wonderful and remarkable about watching the personality of an adult cat blossom in a new home, but I know that she's talking specifically about me when she says that. After all, I am the only wonderful, remarkable adult cat in this house, right? And my personality has indeed been flowering. Since the tummy rubbing and head rubbing incidents, I've just gone from strength to strength. Let me tell you how. Again, they're only small things, but to me and the human, they are special enough to be mentioned in this post.

Firstly, there's lap cuddling. I've always done this, and I've always enjoyed it, but I am a gentle-ladycat about it. Rather than just pushing my way onto her lap, I come and sit beside her and wait either for her to pick me up or to invite me on. Well, I used to. Only a few days ago, that all changed. She was tippy-tapping away on the computer keyboard, sadly not typing for me (you can't have it all, I spose), but doing something for herself. She sits on the big sofa when she does this, with the keyboard on her knee. Normally when I come and sit beside her, she'll wiggle her fingers at me, and if I climb on her, she'll put down what she's doing and give me love. If I don't come to her fingers, she knows I just want to lie nearby. Well, she wiggled at me and I ignored her, and so she went back to her own stuff. I watched her. I wanted attention, but I didn't want to come to her fingers. I moved around a bit to let her know I was there, but she just thought I was getting comfy and paid no attention. This wasn't good enough. I wanted attention and I wasn't getting it, and that's never a good thing! I went up close to the human, then sat down to watch again. Then, very tentatively, I put out a paw and touched her leg. It was just a little touch to let her know I wanted some loving, but again, she thought I was only settling down. She carried on typing.

This really was intolerable. I wanted snuggling! I picked up a second paw and put it on her leg, then made sure that the first joined it. Now my two front feet were standing on her. I have to admit, when she did put the keyboard down and turn to me, I was tempted to pull back, and had to work hard not to. maybe I just should have waited for her to pick me up. Maybe I should have been more patient. Would she tell me off now for disturbing her? I tensed up as her hand came towards me, but all she did was tickle me and make a huge fuss over me and tell me how great I was for coming for cuddles all on my own. "Well,"I thought, "That was easy." I even got treats for it! If I'd known that it was that simple to get extra love and treats, I'd have done this months ago!

I've done it lots ever since, and now I'm confident enough to put all four of my feet on her lap all by myself. I even sat down today between her and the keyboard, and got strokes and scritches while she was typing. Only problem was that I had to boot the silly keyboard out of the way when I decided I wanted to sprawl out and get really comfy, but she didn't seem to mind too much. Good human!

The other thig I've learnd is how much fun it is to lie on the human's chest. Again, this is another thing I've done before, but while I've been up there, my head has been up and I've been kneading the whole time. no, when I say lying up there, I mean really lying, like sprawling right out then curling into a ball under her chin. The human usually has to use her arms to support me, but it's comfy, so I let her do this. I'll snuggle down there for more than five minutes at a time now, and I don't mind if my head has to lie on her a little bit in the process. She's so warm that I get quite sleepy very fast!

She says the next step for me is to start head-butting her for attention, which I'm very tentatively starting to do, and then to really snuggle up very close with her in bed. Again, this is something I'm starting, but I can only manage about a minute of curling against her before I have to move away and get my own space again. She always lets me go, which is why I know it's safe to come back the next time she picks me up and snuggles me. It's ok, as long as I have an escape route.

But we're not done yet. Special things come in big piles, and the very tippy top of our pile is friends. I love friends, and so does the human. many of you read the blog that the human writes and I dictate, and some of you even leave comments, but today, I'd like to recognise someone who makes me MOL, and the human smile with most of the comments that are left. They write an excellent blog, and, unlike my bad human, they actually have their people trained well enough that she posts every day for them! I wonder if they'd mind sharing some tips? I was going to do a Friends on Friday, but as she didn't write for me, I didn't have a chance. It's probably better that they're in the Special Sunday anyway, cuz they have some very special mancats there who agreed to be my valentine! Not that I'm recognising you just for that... I'm not shallow, honest! Well, not much, anyway. So, who are these friends of ours? Well, the only way to find out is to go visit The Catnip Lounge Cats
and find out! Keep up the good work, Katnip Krew!!

Hannah and Lucy want to know if my mancat friend is a handsome beast. Oh, girls, you have no idea! He is to die for! Mind you, so are those lounge cats. The only thing this one has that the other hunks don't is his man bits... Um, have I said I'm not shallow? Honest, I'm not! A ladycat's gotta have a good time sometimes though, and the boys without manbits tend to lose sight of what a woman really needs. That being said, they're much better companions. Manbits make most mancats interested in only one thing, where as others such as the lounge cats at least have the manners to milk and tuna you first! The human said that should be wine and dine, but I don't drink wine, and I only dine on the finest tuna! If only. Well, a girl can dream, can't she?

And that's exactly what I intend to do for the rest of the day, or at least for the bits where I'm not working on my elevator bum. I'll see you tomorrow! Happy Sunday!


Katnip Lounge said...

Miss Tia, for you our dear we have the freshest two-ton tuna, and three types of milk! Thank you so mush for lovin' on us bit-less ManCats.

blush blush blush

Mommy says thank you very much for the shout out and that we enjoy your blog, very much! Tia, we are having a contest tomorrow that involves using your eyes...Mommy says she'll throw your name in the hat as your Human's eyes are broken and you should have a fair chance. We are going to show two pictures of Mommy and in the second photo she will have some different things...and you have to figure them all out!
(Mommy is having her ladyplumbing removed on Tuesday and she wanted to leave all the kitties with something to do for a few days.)

Good luck with the Move, and Moving In on your Human's lap. Tia, laps are nice. You won't regret it.

XX Katnip Lounge Kats XX

Old Kitty said...

Awwwww me and Charlie wish you lovely Tia and your human a peaceful and safe and stress-free move!

We adore the Katnip Lounge Kitties!!!! They're super duper AWESOME and so are their mum and dad! :-)

Take care

Au and Target said...

You are clearly an office manager and a work manager, Tia. Terrific, just like my little Target. Hey guess what? Au is eating!!! Very happy!