Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Wordy Wednesday: Why?

Friends, this is going to be a short post, I think. We haven't had much sleep, the human isn't in any fit state really for writing, and I'm on nurse duty which is, at the moment, taking up all of my attention. I told you my days are never dull, and I really did mean it!

We did manage to get on the train yesterday, and we even managed to get all the way home. I'm so comfortable on trains now that I spent most of the journey yesterday on my back and purring fit to burst. The only bad bit about them is that you gotta sit still for such a long time. I don't like that part.

The place we live was very cold when we got home, so the first thing the human did was to put the heat on full blast. I like it when she does this. She didn't stay awake too long, but fed me my stinky goodness, then climbed into bed with the phone that she uses to talk to Bug. Not long after that, she was asleep. This is where the trouble starts.

The human has two phones. One of them she calls a house phone, and the other is a mobile. The mobile goes everywhere with her, even to bed. Bug once asked her about this whenever it rang and woke them out of a sleep, but she explained that she needs to sleep with it close-by in case something is wrong back home where the family are. As I've mentioned before, the HGG is quite sick, and the human knows that if she sleeps through a phone call, it could be really bad if she's to get back in time to see her. The mobile doesn't often ring at night, but lately, when it has, it's been friends calling who just haven't realised the time.

We were startled out of a dead sleep by the ringing of the mobile, and the human is so trained that she picked it up without really fully coming awake. If it was a friend, she would tell them to go away and go back to snoring. But she went from cutely sleepy to fully awake in about half a second, shouting "What? What? Say it again!" She was so upset that she pushed the hang up button instead of the volume up button by mistake, then got more upset cuz the phone call had gotten ended. I watched, not liking what I was seeing. She was sat up, white and shaking.

The mobile rang again, and this time fully awake, she understood the message. Sadly, in the evening on 08th Feb, her humancousin, Gary, was found in a friend's flat about an hour away from where the family live. He had decided that it was time for him to cross the rainbow bridge, and had made it happen. The human couldn't believe it, and was shocked on two fronts. Gary sounds very like granny when you're half asleep, and this is who she thought had crossed initially. The HGG is one of, if not the most dear peoples to her in the world, next to me of course, so you can imagine the blow it would have been if it was her. Gary's passing was so unexpected that she still can't quite believe it.

There's been no sleep since she heard about it last night, and my fur might as well have been bathed in sea water for all the salt she's cried into it, but I let her. Even when I've had enough, I'll come back a few minutes later to see how she's holding up. She has the work hunt this morning, so she needs to put on her pretty face for that, which I'll help her do. She also has the horrible task of telling the HG cuz she's the only one that can get in contact with her while she's travelling round the world. She doesn't want to give her the news, but she's gotta. She's asked the HG to phone her, so hopefully I'll be around when that happens so I can give her snuggle support.

Friends, I'm writing this here just so that you know what's going on if we don't write for a few days. This last passing has taken the heart out of the human, so it might take her a little while to get back on track. But on the other paw, she doesn't know if she'll need the outlet of writing for me to help distract her, so we just don't know. We might write, we might not. You'll just have to wait and see! Remember, snuggle your peoples. Sometimes, they deserve it!


Au and Target said...

Awful. We're purring for your human.

Hannah and Lucy said...

We know you'll take good care of your mum Tia. We are sending lots of purrs for her. xx xx

Everycat said...

We send love and purrs to you both. We are so sorry this has happened.

Whicky Wuudler

Sweet Praline said...

Take good care of your mom Tia. She needs you right now. I'm sorry to hear of her loss.

Torie said...

i'm so sorry to hear that. Take care, and huge hugs. Xxx.

Admiral Hestorb said...

You are such a comfort and a help to your mom, Tia. I send paw hugs and kitty kisses and loves to you and your mom.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Oh Tia and Carly we are so so sorry about Gary going over the bridge. Tia we know you will do everything you can to take good care of your human, but we are also sending lots of comforting purrs and prayers to her and her whole family![[hugs]]

Our mom also wanted to add she is sorry she hasn't emailed yet but is going to do it today - she was trying to get all caught up.