Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Wordy Wednesday

Well, friends, today we have some good news for you! At long last, eh? It seems to have been a while since we had any of that, so here goes!

You remember I told you that Bug and Kara ended up getting separated? Well, it wasn't to be so. Bug was sposed to stay with a family friend who was close to the hospital where he has to go to have his wound checked out, but what with one thing and another, he couldn't stay there in the end. It was then decided that he should go and stay with his daddypeople at least until the end of the week. Well, that's Kara's new home too! So Bug is getting to see her settle in, and has extended cuddle time with her. He's sleeping a lot because of the pain killers they have him on, so Kara's loving it as it means she gets to sprawl out with him. Bug goes back for another check on Friday, so let's hope there's more good news for him too!

In the battle of the sneezes, I might be losing again, but I'm not sure. Ever since I stopped the mucolytics my nose has gotten a bit dry. This isn't a good sign. It's what happened last time before I got real bad and was struggling to breathe propperly. I had my last antibiotics yesterday, so we're just gonna have to wait and see what happens. Keep those paws crossed for me, eh?

In other good news, I actually found my catnip chicken or duck or whatever it is last night! The human found it stuffed in behind a cabinet and she got him out for me. I loved him for a good five minutes, and when I left him to keep company with the human instead, I cuddled him right up against the edge of a tiny track I have that has a ball in it. I like that track even though it's small, so I knew Mr Chicken would too, and when I wanted him again, he'd be easy to find. Have I mentioned I love him? cuz I do!

Hmmmm, now what else to tell? I can't really think of much. Everything's on target for our big move next week, and the last bit of the paperwork for the human's new work hunt was sent in today. That means that we'll have a start date agreed very, very soon. Isn't it exciting? I sure think so. It means that the human will be out of the house for longer each day, but I've got to put my own needs aside. I know this work hunt will make her much, much happier than the one she's doing now, so it's worth it. Anyway, when the kittens are born this year, we'll be getting one of those to come live with us, so I'll have somebody to keep me company in the day time.

Ah, life is good at the moment. Let's hope it stays that way and that the horrible snotty thing doesn't come back again! I'm done with being sick, believe me!


Hannah and Lucy said...

We hope that snotty doesn't come back too Tia. We hope your mum can start her new job very soon - we are sure she will love it and you will soon get used to her new hours. We hope Bug gets good news when he goes for his check on Friday.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Katnip Lounge said...

We have our many paws and toes crossed that your pretty nose stays healthy and the snotty boogers don't come back.
Hurrah for Bug and Kara, this will make it easier for Bug's heart when he moves.
And Mr. Chicken? TRUE LOVE!

The Lee County Clowder said...

We're sending healing purrrrsss to Tia and Bug. We've been off-line for a while (hardware problems) and we just found out about your troubles.

Au and Target said...

We're purring the nose will be purrfect, Tia. Thanks for dropping by and your words of comfort. Au ate a little so we're hopeful. If only he'll keep eating, he should be OK.