Sunday, 6 February 2011

Supposedly Sage Sunday: It's Not My Move

I'm back once again with a hopefully brighter topic of interest than last week. It's still something somewhat confusing though, so allow me to ramble and soon enough I'm sure you'll understand.
We cats like to roam a little; we find an area - a house, a back yard, a network of streets if we live outside - and it's our territory. Of course, it goes without saying that territory inside a house with people to pet you, food on demand and protection from cold, rain and mean things far outmatches any other, and because humans seem bent on stopping us from going out on our own when we agree to co-exist in this territory with them, it's very difficult to move up stakes. Humans, though, can move whenever they want. Have any of you cats noticed this? Suddenly they start getting rid of things, start putting other things into boxes and bags, and then before long there are other people there to help them put the boxes and bags and other stuff into big trucks and cars. Usually, this also means being stuffed unwillingly into a carrier for the trip. I've been moved a few times in my adult life - always with the same humans, people I know and love, thankfully - and I can see the signs, but I'm no closer to understanding why it is that cats can't just claim new territory, but humans can. I don't resent humans for it, not exactly, but I definitely do wonder. Is there something bad about where they live that makes the move on...a collected smell, another animal encroaching on their living space, something like that? Or are they just prone to wanderlust like certain other animals are? I can tell you that I myself have never noticed such a smell or animal, and thus my confusion continues.
Come to that, why do humans have so many things? Us cats get along with nothing more than food, water, a place to dispose of our bodily products and excessive chin-tickles and stroking. First off, I've never seen humans chin-tickle each other in the way that we cats can't seem to do without, so they must be missing something. But, as I was saying, humans have all sorts of things, some of which they hardly even seem to use. They have stuff they wear over their skin which smells different than they do when they first put it on, but I suppose that having so little hair they might need it to keep them warm. They have big fluffy things to put where they sleep, but combined with the things they wear, I'd figure they'd roast at night. They have a big box with a glass door that cooks their food, a little box that hums and seems to do the same thing, and then a big box with two doors to keep their food cold! Can't they make up their minds? And then there's all the assorted bits that litter tables and shelves, small things mostly and for which I have no description because they're not interesting to remark upon except to wonder about their existence. Anyway, you'd think that if humans liked moving, they would keep fewer things, like us cats do, so that when the urge took them or necessity set in, they could just take what they needed - some things to keep them warm and a little food, maybe - and just go. Instead, these fickle creatures seem to delight in creating and obtaining things that have to be packed up and then unpacked every time they want a change of scenery! It's ridiculous, I tell you! And what's more, it seems to stress them out, which means we have double duty as stress-relievers...more than normal, I mean. I personally don't mind this, since my method of relieving stress with Gregg is to cuddle with him, purr softly and just let him rub my fur, which is a win-win situation for both of us as I'm sure you can imagine. Some cats, I'd think, would be really bothered by their humans moving around a lot...cats that need a lot of attention and reassurance, mostly of the younger crowd, who aren't yet convinced that someone will always be there in some form or other. Humans claim they love cats, and yet they deliberately do something which will upset some of them. They may be intelligent, but they're equally inscrutable.
The reason I'm talking about moving this week, incidentally, is because I think Gregg is getting ready to move. In fact, after this morning, I'm almost sure of it. For the last little while he's been fiddling with things he normally doesn't touch much, putting them into bags and boxes and then disappearing outside with them. When he comes back in, the bags and boxes are gone, and there's a little more empty space somewhere. This morning though, Gregg's dad came. I've stayed at his house a few times when Gregg has gone away, so I know both he and his wife quite well. They both came today, and brought with them a lot of empty boxes. Some cats seem to love empty boxes, but as far as I'm concerned, they're tiny rooms that make a lot of noise when you bash into the walls, and they don't even have any food in them! Thus, I stayed out of the way under the couch while they proceeded to fill the previously empty boxes with more of Gregg's things. Eventually, Gregg's dad and his wife put all the boxes in their car and left, and it was then that I really noticed the difference. The table by Gregg's bed, which used to be covered in all sorts of items, was now almost bare. The shelves over in the corner, which used to have a lot of squarish things in cardboard cases, were now covered in nothing but dust. All the signs are here, and they definitely confirm why I've felt the need to be extra-snuggly lately. He's moving, all right. And that means I'm moving too. The only questions for me, at this point, are where we're going and when we have to leave. I've been in this little house in the big building for three years now - or so Gregg claims - and aside from a very early escape outside through a screen door left open by mistake, I've really grown attached to it. It's quite small, but it's comfortable, and at least I know where everything is. Now he's decided he has to leave for some reason, and I'll be obliged to come with him. I'll probably not mind too much once I get settled down - there has to be food there, after all, and I'm sure to get lots of cuddling and belly-stroking and such - but it'll be new, and change is not always a good thing. I guess I'm stuck with it either way though, and should just make the most of things.
If any of you other cats have any idea why it is that your people move sometimes, do let me know. And if you're wise enough to truly understand why they have so many different possessions when they need so few, by all means enlighten me - and the rest of us, for that matter - with your wisdom. If you don't mind though, I've got some empty cupboards to poke around in...


Sweet Praline said...

My mom has moved around a few times since I've been with her. I hate the change.

Katnip Lounge said...

Most of us have never had to move...thank Cod! It sounds like quite a distasteful process. Of course Humans are crazy and who knows what their motives are.

Tia said...

Kara, peoples are terribly complicated things. Have you thought about asking him why he's moving? I can get the human to do it for you if he's too dim to understand felinese and then translate, if you like.

I know that we're going to be moving soon too, about a week after you do, actually. I understand this one though. The human is moving for new places to work hunt. I thought initially that it would bring in more food moneys, but she says it'll generate less. As much as I shake my head at this idea, she says that, in the long run, the new work hunt will be more satisfying to her than the oledone. This I understand. It's the difference in hunting and killing my dangly feathers, which are great, and hunting and killing the iPod man who refuses to die and never shuts up, not so great. I've seen the place where I'll be living too, so I'll not struggle to settle when we finally do move here. It's a win win situation for me. Hey, if you need digs to crash out in while your people does all the hard work of moving, just lemme know. We have an extra bedroom, and there's already a litterbox and foods in there.

Old Kitty said...

I've moved quite a few times and never understand where all my stuff's come from!! LOL!! I guess humans are hoarders, lovely Tia!! I like to cling to stuff that reminds me of moments!!

Charlie's not moved anywhere with me yet but he's discovering all my cluttered things in boxes under the stairs and in cupboards and likes to have a good sniff!

GOOD LUCK with your move and all the best for your human too!!! Take care

Dexter said...

Move????? Are you serious???? They DO that????

I never want to leave my "territories"!

From a cute (yet slightly shocked) kitten x

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Tia! We are so behind in visiting we forgot that you were moving! We hope that it goes smoothly! We know it is not fun but really, think of it - all those boxes to climb and explore - it will be so much fun! We don't understand why the people move - we know that our mom did it a while ago - but we do know they don't like it much more than we do because it is - at least according to our mom - a big hassle!

Au and Target said...

get them to include a garden for you every time, that's the way to stake out your territory!