Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Wow, wow, wow! Friends, I've got my first ever award! Isnt that super? I'm going to have to ask for help though. My human can't lift and insert the graphic for the award, so I'm hoping someone will volunteer to help! I presume it can be found on the blog of the person who awarded me.

I got the Awesome Blogger award from The Gorgeous Admiral Hestorb
Who you simply have to visit. Her blog is fantastic, and she has her people so well trained!

The rules are that I must link back to the lovely lady who awarded me. Well, I think I've got that one covered! I also have to tell you seven things about myself, so here goes.

1. As much as I love tuna, it's the tuna juice that's my favourite. I'll happily leave the fishy bit as long as I get the yummy, yummy juice!
2. Now that I've gotten over my fright, I demand that the human opens my door for me every morning so that I can look out at the birdies and get some fresh air. I do this by miaowing at her and walking right up to the door. Then I shout until she does what I want her to do.
3. My name isn't actually Tia. It's Catarosa Dolly Mixture. That's my super posh show cat name and it comes from the fact that I'm a dollfaced Persian and I'm a right mix of colours given that I'm a seal tortie colourpoint. Dolly Mixtures are a type of sweet in the UK too, but I know I'm sweet, so that works too!
4. I'm actually finding it hard to think of seven things that you don't already know. Um, let's see. I love having my back and sides and chest brushed, but when it comes to the tail and the yummy tummy, I have been known to bite... And I don't care whether it lands on the brush or the human!
5. I'm perhaps one of the few cats who doesn't turn into a wild thing when faced with the prospect of water. I know that I have to be bathed to look my best at shows, so I put up with it with good grace and a lot of singing!
6. I'm 1/3 a champion cat. I just need two more wins in my open class at a show and then I'll be a real champion! Still, 1/3 isn't bad, is it?
7. When I really like the way the human is stroking, I collapse onto her hand. For example, if she's stroking my chest, I'll gradually lower it down and down until her hand is pinned in between it and the bed or whatever I'm lying on. I'm the same with brushing. It's so bad that she has to hold my head up and put her leg under me just to keep me up high enough to get at my chest. I purr real good the whole time too.

Wow, that was pretty difficult! The next part is pretty hard too. I have to pass this on to 15 different blogs that I really like. Well, here goes. Let's hope they read my musings as avidly as I read theirs!

1. The Cat From Hell
Penelope, I know you've already got this, but I couldn't help giving you it again. you make us laugh so, so much!2. House of Cats3. Katnip Lounge4. Housecat Confidential5. Frito Cat6. The Cat's Whiskers. So much good information on this one, and she's a friend of the human's too!7. The Furry Bambinos8. I Have Cat9. Ok Cats10. Tori and Ushi's Blog. All about the partnership between a guide dog and her handler11. On A More Personal Note12. Tabby's Place13. House of the Discarded14. Daily Dose of Dogs and Cats15. The Cincinnati Kitties

Wow, what a list! i hope you'll go visit them all. If you do, I'd love it if you mentioned that I've given them the aard. I can't comment on most of these blogs because of the word verification thing, but I read all the time!

There's not much to report here. The human's just been packing like crazy and has been very boring. She gave me a bath today. I haven't had one of those in months now, so i wasn't too sure about staying put while she washed me, but I submitted in the end. Oh, the things we do for stinky goodness!


Old Kitty said...

Congratulations with your brilliant award, Tia Catarosa Dolly Mixture!!!!! 1/3 is BRILLIANT!!! You are a true Champion!!! Yay! take care

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Tia! Wow, thanks for passing on the award to us! And Congrats to you! We would love to help you post it but we would need access to your blog - but have your human email our mom is she wants her to do it! Mom also said that she saw your next post and it seems like it is crazy there (we will comment there shortly). We loved all the things about you - we understand how hard it gets to think of 7 things about yourself - we will have it easier because with 7 of us we each get to think of only one! We love your fancy cat show name, but we think Tia is a great name too!

Torie said...

Carlie see my latest post. I hope the explanation helps. And thanks for the award! Good luck with the move! Xxx.