Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Am I Really Cutiful?

I don't know why the human doesn't blog for me more often, but she says that now she's at work almost every day, often she's just too tired to do it when she comes back home. I've decided to take matters into my own paws and write when she's out, but this relies on her leaving the talking thing on for me so that I can use it. The button for making it come on is too hard for me to push with my nose myself, so yet again, I'm at the mercy of her whims.

The human has come across a new word though, which I think describes me aptly. It was late at night and the second of my wake-up human times. I did the usual; miaowed until she was fully aware that I was about to jump, waited for her to groan "Ok, come on then", climbed on top of her and started to knead. Still half asleep, she mumbled, while scratching me under the chin, "You're cutiful, you know that?" Well, it's stuck. I think it's great, and every time she says it, she laughs. I challenge you all to tell your humans to use it too. Let me know how you get on, eh? You're all cutiful enough to deserve the propper form of address, so good luck with the trainin.

Life has been relatively quieter since my last update. The witch has been back once or twice, but I have decided that I'm no longer interested. I don't even bother to get up from my chair now. If she thinks that she's a better, more attractive cat than me, then she's simply wrong. We all know that, so I don't know why I'm wasting the effort showing her. Truth is truth, regardless of what others think, and I think I will let it speak for itself. As for the mancat, if he wants to waste his time running after any old thing on the street that will have him, then I'm glad I didn't go near him. I want a man with a bit of panache, a bit of class, you know?

This, of course, has nothing to do with the fact that I now know another loves me, no not at all! His name is Porthos and apparently he's from France, whatever that is. My human says it's a country and she really likes the French accent. For the most part, she has good taste, so, Porthos, you must miaow at me so that I can make sure she's right. He's going to write to me soon and tell me more about him, but it's gratifying to know that he's fallen in love with me at the mere sight of a picture. Kind of puts the world back on an even footing, you know?

I didn't sleep with the human on the night after I last wrote, but that time to think has really helped me out. I have decided that I love my mum, I always have and always will, but the human needs me. I took responsibility when I took the human on, and I can't give it up now just because it suits me. I still haven't fully forgiven her for cuddling another cat though, even if it is my mum, so I'm slightly more reserved with her. I'm making her come to me now for strokes instead of the other way around. Well, it's good for her, keeps her fit. Let it never be said that I don't do my part.

I've had different meat too. This morning, the human gave me some raw chicken, and boy did it taste good! She committed one crime though. I have her trained well enough that she usually cuts my meat into small pieces for me. She thinks it's because Persians have difficulty picking up large chunks, and I'm happy to let her continue believing this. Really though, why go to all the bother of chewing if she'll cut it for me? She's been reading again though. I don't like it when she does this. It usually results in her changing something "for your own good, Tia," and this change usually requires more effort to be expended on my part to get what I want. This morning, for instance, she left my chicken in a big lump. Apparently it's better for our teeth if we chew on meat rather than just gulping it. I ask you, why! Why do it if the human will negate the need? I licked and licked at the chicken all right, but I didn't bother with chewing. She cooked some too, but left the raw bit in the other side of the dish for me. She says she wants to see if it's gone by the time she gets back, but she needn't hold her breath. I'll eat the softer stuff, then have a nibble on the *growl* healthy, dried stuff. It isn't even stinky!

The people who gets out the noisy hoover came yesterday and took away all my fur from the soft thing (apparently the peoples word is sofa), and from the carpet. I'd spent a whole weekend trying to make the house more appealing. It's so much better with decent, cat-smelling fur all over it, but they just don't see it. I try and do the same with the human, too. She has to cover herself with new things each day before going out, and I suspect she changes them so often because neither they nor she have fur. I thought I'd donate some of mine. Maybe that would keep her warm enough that she wouldn't need to bother with the covering things, but so far, it hasn't worked. Firstly, I can never give her enough that she has a nice, thick coat all over her like I do, and secondly, when I do leave some on the covering things, she brushes it off. I've said many times before that I don't hold a grudge against the human for being stupid, but this one tests my patience. Ah well, I guess the only thing to do is to keep on trying, eh? Besides, I can hunt two birds with the one paw this way anyway. While I'm furring her up, I can let her stroke me too, which is good for her. I might even indulge in some tummy rubbing as well, which I admit is all for my pleasure and not hers, although thankfully, she does seem to enjoy it quite a lot. "Oh, that's a lovely tummy," she always says as she rubs. To coin a people expression, well, duh, I already know this! It's nice of her to say it though.

That stupid kitten that escaped from my human's people has also got a blog. He's such a copy-kitten. His is full of kitten talk, but it's kind of cute. Shhh, I didn't just say that. I think I'm going to teach him the ways of a grown-up cat, and give him the good raising that he'll not get otherwise. I suppose there's hope for him yet, but only as long as the human continues to love me more than him. I can't see why this would be a problem though.

Speaking of love, my Porthos, I await your adoration.

My human has asked me to tell you all that she's sorry, but she can't leave comments on most of your blogs. A lot of them require something called word verification to leave a comment, and the audio link doesn't work. As her eyes are broken, she can't type what comes up in the picture, so can't leave a comment. She'd love to, but unless you change your settings so that it doesn't require word verification, she'll have to admire you from a distance. She says she'll help if you don't know how to change the settings but want to. She is sorry about this, and so am I, as I don't have a clue what most of that last bit meant. Still though, I don't mind doing her favours when she asks.


Everycat said...

I've seen your picture on George's blog Tia, and you are most certainly "cutiful" That Porthos is one lucky mancat.

My apes take ages to learn new words, it took them weeks to learn "magnificent" and "gorgeous" when referring to me. I shall attempt to teach them "cutiful"

I hope your human Mum doesn't feel too sad at rehoming your Mummycat, she may come out of her timid shell in a new home.

I'm sorry you think that spaying is barbaric, I understand your point of view Tia, but not every kitten born is lucky enough to have a wonderful home with loving humans like you and me. Some kittens are born into awful lives where they starve or worse, or get taken in by humans who are not kind. No kitten should be born into that sort of miserable life. In an ideal world all animals born would have wonderful homes. In a natural world, we cats would only produce kittens when food resources allowed it, so I think spaying and neutering is a good way of saving animals from being born into a world that cannot care for them.

Whicky Wuudler

Tia said...


I totally agree with you. I do feel very sorry for the street kittens that I see. The peoples that come over and get out the hoover to help the human told me that they saw a mummycat feeding her kittens on the path. That shouldn't be happening. My human tells me that mine will all be warm and loved and clean and that I'll even have fish when I'm feeding them. I'll have a nice place, not a garden path. The mummycat lives with a lot of other cats who own a silly people who lets them have kittens all over the place. He has a lot of cats, and the boys even try and make more kittens with the tiny little kittens. I bet Porthos wouldn't do that, because any self-respecting mancat wouldn't try and do adult things with a baby. I won't let that happen to mine. My human promises that all of mine will find homes with peoples who love them just as much as she loves me, and I believe her. She doesn't lie about the important things. That's part of the reason she's considering having mummycat spayed. If she can't find a responsible home who will love her and all of her kittens just as much as she does, then mummycat won't have any more. The human would like to see her have a kitten that she could keep though. She knows how much she loves me and her other kittens, and it makes the human's eyes sad when she considers that mummycat might never have one to call her very own forever. My human told me she'd put a picture of me on my profile too. Isn't it working? Do let me know how you get on with your... um, what are apes? Are they more stupid than peoples? They must be if they don't already call you cutiful. Just show them your cutiful tummy, then purr very loudly when they rub it. That should get the message across. I'm coming to have a look at your blog today and see if I can make my human comment on it. Hopefully the nasty picture things have gone away. If not, much purring to you anyway, from a distance.

Everycat said...

Hi Tia, we feel very sad about idiot humans who let cats breed nonstop and don't look after them. Do you think the local branch of Cat's Protection might be able to help out with your local situation with the cats who are not being looked after well? They can arrange neutering and spaying with a voucher scheme. That poor Mummy cat feeding her babies on the path, that's just awful.

We can't see a picture on your profile, but we did see you picture on George's blog. Thanks for visiting us, I got the ape to remove the word verification, she didn't know that it caused problems for people with vision difficulties, so thank you for making her aware of that.

Now, apes. Apes are what I call my humans, mainly because they are evolved from ape-like creatures of the past. When you know what my humans are like, then you can understand why I call them apes. I think there was a glitch in evolution where they were concerned. Slow, decrepit, noisy... just some of the words that fit them like a glove. I do love them though.

It would be wonderful if your Mummycat could have one last litter and get to keep one of her babies forever. We all wish your human Mum best of luck in finding her a great foever home. We know your human Mum is a good cat person.

Whicky Wuudler

Tia said...

Hi, Whicky. The peoples that do the hoovering did call Cat's Protection and the RSPCA, but they didn't do much. They came out and left a single trap (most of the cats are wild enough that they won't let strange peoples, even the nice good cat peoples, touch them) but one trap won't catch so many mancats and mummycats and kittens. The peoples got upset with this and went to Cat's Protection and took some of the traps themselves. They caught lots of cats, even mummycats who had kittens in their tummies when they were feeding kittens, and other ones who were really too young or too sick to have them anyway. The Cat's Protection peoples took the babies from their tummies and made sure they couldn't have any more, and they did the same to the mancats that they caught. The peoples have got lots of kittens in their shed now though. They're feeding them to make them big and healthy, but they currently have cat flu and the peoples are worried. I told the human to send them some good food, rabbit and chicken and baby milk that they should get from their mummy, and for once, she listened to me. She even sent drops for their eyes that she uses with me when mine are runny. They're doing better now and the peoples are still feeding them. They can even touch one or two. My human wants to go and look, but I told her no. She's mine, and I don't want her falling for another kitten. Plus, she knows that if they're sick, it could make me sick too, so again, she listened. The silly people that owns all the cats has taken to locking them in his house though. Even though he maintains, when asked, that the kittens aren't his and so aren't his responsibility, he's shut them inside now because he knows that the peoples are catching them and having them spayed and neutered. He's even started opening the traps and releasing the cats inside them. The peoples and my human are very upset and cross about this, but they all keep trying. We've saved eight big cats and nine kittens so far. I say we because I've helped too. I made sure they had milk and meat, after all. My human is a really good cat people. She cares a lot for us. That's why I don't mind admitting that I care for her, even if it isn't the fashionable thing to do in the cat world. She says there are some people coming to see mummycat soon, and she's really hoping to help them have some more kittens, but only if they will promise to let mummycat keep one of them. I hope they say yes, because she would be so much happier that way. Mummycat is getting fatter now because the human has made a point of being with her until she eats a lot of dinner, even if it is the dried not stinky stuff. Mummycat eats now if the human is stroking her. Usually, she would worry that she's making mummycat too dependent on her, but she doesn't. She has been experimenting, and as long as a people is around, Mummycat will eat. So as long as she's in a house with her own peoples or another cat, she'll be fine. I hope she gets fat soon though. Yummy tummies are no good if they're all boney and not round and cuddly.

Tia said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The Lee County Clowder said...

A suggestion for Tia's human:

A lot of times, the word verification image does not display the first time the comment window displays, especially if the comments are in a popup window. If you hit 'Reload' (some browsers call it 'Refresh') it usually helps. Not sure if the problem is in the browser (we use Chrome) or Blogger.

No guarantees, but it might be worth a try.

The Lee County Clowder said...

PS: We're assuming that if the verification image does not display, the audio version of it also doesn't work.

Nikita Cat said...

Cool word for a cute looking Kitty!

RE: "the thing where we shout a lot because you boys won't pay us enough attention, then go to the human pets and rub against them until they scratch us, then roll about on the floor."

I'm a Snipped Dude who had to put up with several days of the above from our Tortie new addition, Elvira Mistress of Pussydom, recently.

After a quick trip, and a day stay, to the vet....she's, um, all better now, and I can breath easier. ;-D