Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Tired Human

She says we can't write much tonight, as she's very, very tired. She went out stupidly early this morning, so early in fact that i still hadn't got to my last wake up the human time of the night! I didn't want to move, and was a bit put out when she woke me. She did it with a cuddle though, so I guess it's not all bad. I have to confess, I can see why she grumbles when I wake her. It's not all that pleasant when all you want to do is go back to sleep. That's not to say that I'll stop doing it to her, only that I understand the moaning a bit better now.

As I say, she went out early. It was before the usual sun coming up human going out time, but I still got my fish, so I didn't complain past the getting out of bed stage. She left and took the dog with her. I know that means she's going to be gone for a while, so I settled down to slepe off my dinner. When I woke though, she still wasn't around.

I told you I'd missed the human when she left me with the boy who owns his own house, but that I was over it. I didn't realise it was possible, but I started to miss her all over again at this point. She stayed away much longer than usual, and when she finally did come back, she was doing that ufnny, slow walk that means she's tired and needs to stroke me to get some energy back. Accordingly, as soon as she'd sat down, I went and climbed on her for a while, just to make her feel better, you understand. I even purred, and she said that I actually rivaled my mum today!

Speaking of my mum, she's been driving me mad. She's been crying from her room all day long. I presume she misses the human too, but foolish me keeps going to see what's wrong. You have to remember that I'm programmed to respond to her when she shouts, and I do it without thinking. Every time I'm presented with the closed door though, I sigh, give the cat equivalent of a shrug, and walk away. There's nothing to be done, after all, so why stress about it. The human sorted her out after I thought she was calm enough and climbed down, and I wasn't pleased about this. I'd made her stroke me for a long time, and had put hard work into making her relax, sit still and feel good. Then mum has to cry and spoil it all. While she was in with her, I stood on the other side of the door and shouted at the pair of them. Honestly, I don't know who's the more stupid sometimes!

I've been good to the human all night. I've even managed to teach her a new tricktoo. She's now learned that if I'm playing with one of my ping pong balls, if I miaow at her, she is to come to where I am and get the ball for me. I'm good though. I only call her when it's stuck and I can't get it, but as this happens frequently, I'm content in the knowledge that she's getting a healthy amount of exercise. Sometimes I sit still until she finds me, so that she knows where the ball is, but at other times I move and she has to spend longer looking for it. It means more exercise for her, so it's a good thing I'm thinking.

She's looking as though she needs sleep, but when I suggest bed, she says something about having to make sandwiches for tomorrow. If she goes in that kitchen, I want more food!

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