Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Stuff Happens

I couldn't think of a better title for today's update, so you're stuck with that. Stuff did happen, so it's apt enough.

The people staying with the human went home on the same day that I wrote last. He moved a lot of boxes with the human before he went though. I was a bit put out. They both spent a lot of time in my mum's room, and although they came out with boxes which they took away, I'm half convinced that was just done as a ploy so that I wouldn't think they were spending quality time with her and get jealous. The human appears pleased though, and I overheard her say that "the spare room's so much bigger with all the junk out of it". They have so many names for things. A box is a box, not a junk.

After he went home, I had some quality time with the human. She didn't give me fish though, so I guess it wasn't perfect.

We got to sleep in the big bed again tonight. It's a bit harder to jump up on which I don't really like, but there's more room to stretch out once I'm up there, and it's softer. Despite this, I decided to try and sleep round the top of the human's head but found that her fur was too long and kep tickling my nose. I moved, and instead slept against her tummy. She's kind of comfy at night.

The next morning I knew was her day to go out when the sun came up, but surprisingly, she didn't go. I can't say I was bothered. She's reasonably good company usually, and she did give me a good morning meal, but she kept saying she wasn't well. If she'd been a kitten I'd have told her off. It's not good for a cat to admit they're ill too much. As she isn't though, I took the opportunity of her staying still to cuddle up on her knee. She had some interesting string stuff that I held in my paws too. it was soft, and there was so much of it that she had most of it rolled in a ball. It's nice of her to get so much out for me to play with, but honestly, I think it was a bit too much. She even played too. She got out two pointy things which weren't very good as claws (please don't tell her that. She tries so hard and I don't want her disappointed), and she held the wool in those. She did twist it up pretty good though. When she was done, she had made it solid rather than still being a thin string. She wouldn't let me play with that bit, kept saying something about how I'd ruin the knitting whatever that is.

We had some visitors last night after we were done playing. They have a blog too, but as the one that writes is a dog, I'm not sure it'll be as good as mine. She's called Alice, and she owns a bigger dog called Jack and a people who made a lot of talk noise with my human all the way through last night. The dog that lives here is Ok. She doesn't bother me and I leave her alone. I wasn't so sure about the new ones though. True, Alice is smaller than me, and I think she's a dog kitten so I could probably have boxed her if she got too annoying, but with Jack in the picture, I just couldn't be bothered interacting with them. I went and sat behind the TV instead, but I did come out when my human came to get me. She showed me to the other people, and I gave her a few minutes to admire me. It's important to keep up appearances for the fans, even at times when you'd rather be somewhere else.

I did sit with the human a little after this though. I thought I'd better come out and keep an eye on her. With two dogs around, I'd say that she needed me, but all in all, it was pretty calm, and I only had to spit at Jack once.

The human fed me some different stuff last night. She called it mince and gave it to me without putting it over the hot. Although it was thoughtful of her, I'm not sure if I'll eat it again. I didn't even get through the portion she gave me. It didn't taste like the fish, and it was a bit too slimey for my liking. I did thank her though. It's only polite.

When the people went away with the dogs, I went to bed with the human, but I didn't sleep so close tonight. This was my night for making her not depend on me, so although I came up and settled her off to sleep by allowing her to stroke me, I didn't stay long afterwards. I came back a few times, but it was mainly to make sure she was still Ok. I made her stroke me to be sure of this, and also because I know it calms her down and helps her sleep.

She still wasn't well this morning, or so she says, so she didn't go out when the sun came up. I haven't done much today yet. I'm sleeping off my dinner. My human is in the bad books though. She's upset because her people that she likes says his kitten is lost. I keep reminding her that she has me, and even wonder why she misses another cat. She's got all she needs right here. I might go play with the string again to see if she'll play a little herself. it might cheer her up, and anyway, I kind of liked doing it yesterday. It feels nice when her two pointy things pull it through my paws. It felt so good that I didn't even try and bite it more than about once every ten seconds. Very restrained of me, I think you'll agree.

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