Friday, 6 August 2010

I'm Famous!

Yes, I am, or at least, I will be after today, I think. Not so long ago, after the fiasco with my men friends, actually, I wrote a very indignant letter to a very wise cat, one called George. I'd heard about him through the grape vine. Others said they'd spoken to him when they needed help for training their peoples, and whilst I don't exactly need help to train my human as evidenced by the ping pong trick, I thought I'd write to him anyway and get his take on it.

Apparently, he thought my issue was so shocking that he's going to publish it on his blog so that cats everywhere faced with my situation can hear his answer, appreciate his wisdom, put it into practice and live more peaceful lives because of it. He says that his people says she's going to put it on his website today, so if you want to see what he has to say, then you should go there and have a look. Just have your peoples click on the thing below.

George's Blog

Other than my rapidly approaching fame, life has been pretty peaceful in the human house. She's been going out when the sun comes up as she should, and even coming back as she should. She had one very long day, but yesterday was normal.

You'll no doubt remember me mentioning the fact that she said she wanted to get me off the wet food that the boys' peoples gave me to eat, but she shows no signs of doing so. She's been doing a bit of reading which suggests that a wet diet is better than the dried stuff, and she's decided that in theory, she might just agree. She's not going all out though. She says she worries for my teeth, but I don't know why. We eat wet things when we're outside, so why not inside?

Our differences aside though, I think we've come to an understanding. Usually, I get one meal of what she calls 'wet food' every day. This can be fish or chicken, and thankfully, she always gives it to me once it's been over the hot. What I mean is the think they call cooking. I like it better that way. I get my food in the morning now, which means that while she's gone, I'm more interested in sleeping than anything else. It works out just fine. I'll keep asking for more all the time though, just on the off-chance that she caves in.

I've been perfecting my "I'm starving!" miaow, and think I have it almost perfect. You can see her twitch every time I do it, and her hand almost involuntarily always twitches towards the cold place where she keeps the good food. I can't get in there without her help, sadly, so I do have to resort to the crying. It hasn't worked yet, but I'm sure that every day brings us one step closer.

I lost my final ball last night, and no amount of crying could make her get it back. She says she can't find it, but I'm not so sure. She doesn't always tell the truth, my human. Early this week, for instance, she said that I'd have a whole jar of balls delivered the next day, but has it happened? No! I hope it does soon though. I don't like not having them.

In other, far less important news, the human's people says he's got his kitten back. I didn't think this worthy of telling, but the human seems to think it is. As I do care for her, I thought I'd bend a bit to keep her happy. Why I should talk about other cats on my blog,I don't know, especially ones that she misses even when she hasn't met them, but it's all in the name of keeping her content. Her people is much happier though, and so is she, so I suppose that's a good thing. I hope she doesn't bring the kitten here, mind you. If she likes him that much without even seeing him yet, I might have to get pretty tough to maintain my top cuddlecat position, and I can't really be bothered with the hassle, to be honest with you

Now, I really must go. I want to see if my questions have been answered yet. I also want to climb all over that human just to make sure she remembers I'm way better than silly kittens who don't even have the sense to not get lost and stay in the house with the peoples who give him food!

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Cecil said...

This is Edward aka Cecil. Already told you on Hollow, lol. But, yes, I enjoyed it