Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Tortureshell Tuesday

My human couldn't believe this when she saw it on an advert, and just had to post the text. There's commedy and seriousness in this.

We would like to find a good home for our lovely cats Autumn a torture shel girl and Winter a white boy. Unfortunatly we have to find a new home for them urgently. We have a baby girl of 9 weeks old and she is allergic to them. The cats will come with catlitter, scratchingpost, feeding bowls and the catfood we still have. The cats are from April 2009. The girl is Neutered. If you want any more information please contact us ASAP. If you can give them a good home the cats will be yours for free.

Poor Autumn! Torture shell? How could anyone say such a thing! It implies that she, um, might be a rule breaker or something, and we all know we cats don't break rules. I'm considering creating a new event for the CB called Tortureshell
Tuesday where we torties show just how far we'll go to cause mischief. I'm not going to say break the rules. We've already discussed how that is an impossibility. What do you all think? Seriously though, if you know anyone who can give these two a home, please let me know. They're in the Bradford area which is in Yorkshire.

Also on a very serious note, I came across this link yesterday. It made me sad and my human absolutely mad. We need to catch the woman who dumped the poor cat in a bin. She needs to be stopped! Please read, and what's more, pass the link on. The more people who see this, the more chance we have of catching her.
Woman Dumps Rescue Cat in Bin After Befriending Her

Anyway, on to other, hopefully brighter, things. I was going to post happy things yesterday, like Dogman's song for me (I have one now), or a post for Fin's scafflaw week,
but nope, the human had other ideas.

For a few weeks now, she's noticed me scratching. This is pretty normal. If you've got an itch, you gotta get it, right? But this weekend, she noticed that I'd given myself a tiny scab, and then another, and another. Again, not too uncommon. I like to keep my claws sharp, so this occasionally happens. She'd also wondered if I was alergic to the wool I'm wearing. Show cats don't wear collars because it flattens our fur all in the wrong places, but because the human's eyes don't work, she needs me to wear a stupid, stupid bell so that she can tell where I am. She put it on a piece of wool instead, figuring that it wouldn't flatten my coat as much, and, if the worst happened and I ate it (it has been known), I'd not get sick as I could digest it.

Anyway, she came home yesterday and saw that I had a couple of lumps under my chin. I'm sorry to say, cat friends, that my human is a bit high strung at times, and she freaked. She kept muttering about how mummycat had been sick and she hoped I wasn't coming down with the same, but how could I be because she'd kept us separate, but better to be safe than sorry even if it was unlikely. This went on for a while, all while she stuffed me into the stupid carrier, took me in a car and then to the vet! I complained bitterly all the way there in the car, but of course, none of them listened to me. I can't say I'm surprised.

When we got to the vet there were a couple of massive dogs there who decided it'd be a good idea to bark at each other, just for fun, you know? Have I mentioned that dogs are stupid too? Anyway, I decided at that point that my carrier needed defending. This meant that I had to hunker down, scrunch up as small as I could and bury my head in a corner. Classic en-guard pose, don't you think? I was shaking because of the coiled spring effect, the same one that would have me shooting to the attack if one of those hounds came close. I wasn't scared, not me.

Soon though, the vet called us. Now,I've told you that I like our vet man before, but he wasn't there. It was a lady people instead, and to be honest, I'm revising my opinion of vets rapidly. I didn't like her at all. She poked me, prodded me, put a cold thing on my chest for ages, looked at my scabs. What's worse, she even stole my fur! No joke! She snatched me away from the human, hussled me into the back room, and, by force, removed some of my gorgeous coat! The irony is that she didn't really need to. It's for general tests to make sure i'm not carrying any horrible infections or fungus, which I know I'm not. The vet even agreed that it wasn't likely given the appearance of the scabs, but then said the thing the human had, "better to be safe than sorry". Well, I'd rather be sorry, thank you very much. That was my fur, woman! She didn't even tell me I was beautiful!

She thinks that the scabs are a bacterial infection that I've given myself by scratching. She also thinks that I could be alergic to the wool. Well, duh. I started scratching when the human put it on. The human said it didn't explain why I have them on my chin too, but the vet told her that often allergies present like that around the face. Anyway, she gave me antibiotics to clear up the infection which she says isn't serious and won't be transmitted to anyone else (thank goodness!), and the human has taken that stupid wool off me. I'm back on a normal collar, which I suppose I'll have to put up with.

We've heard no more on kittens, either strays or the new one for the human, but when we do, I'll be sure to tell you. If it hadn't been for the human, I'd have posted my Scafflaw by now, but that, I suppose, will have to wait till tomorrow. Anyway, I still need your thoughts on Tortureshell Tuesday, so fire 'em at me!


Sweet Praline said...

Hello! I'm also a torture shell (MOL) Persian and I am so glad to meet you. I would love to participate on Tuesday. Please feel free to come by and visit anytime.

The Creek Cats said...

Love the idea of Tortoiseshell Tuesday!! We are currently fostering a tortoiseshell persian, like Sweet Praline. And Maggie May is a tortie with white!

KC said...

We do haf a Tortie Toosday, but not "Tortoiseshell" or :: giggles :: "Torture Shell". I'm a "Tough A$s Tortie", myself, hee hee.
Love & Purrs,

Ming said...

All this day-naming is very strange. I'm all black...will there be a Black Monday someday? I don't know when Monday is...it should be today, just because today is when I suggested it.
People should never dump cats or kittens in bins, or anywhere else! That isn't very nice at all. If you don't want a cat or a kitten, find someone who does, or keep it in a little building outside your real house. I lived for a very little while in a place like that, but I was lucky and stayed in the big house with the peoples.

What is Scofflaw?

Everycat said...

Torture Shell Tuesday sounds like a great idea Tia. We'd definately enjoy seeing Torties up to mischief.

It makes us sad to see more cats losing their homes because they say their baby is allergic. Many health visitors have a real problem with people having cats and can be bullies making the owners give up the cats by scaring the people about the health of their baby. There's so much ignorance and "allergies" are often just an excuse. The owners don't come across as that bright, but at least they are trying to rehome their poor cats.

We hope the Shed Kittens are doing well and that the other new kittens are thriving too. May your chin clear up and your scabs disappear quickly.


PS: Yes you may come to stay and play with the 9000 ping pong balls anytime. I don't know many numbers, 9000 or 27 are my favourtie ones haha!

Tia said...

Whicky, excellent! I'm packing a suitcase as we speak... With ping pong balls, of course.

My scabs aren't clearing yet, but the human keeps distracting me from scratching, which is really annoying me.

Ok, Tortureshell Tuesday ti is then! I'll do a propper post about it this weekend and put it on the CB. Now you just need to encourage people to play along!


Mishkat said...

We already do "Tortie Tuesday" for the lovely Miss Tasha, but we think Tortureshell Tuesday is a really funny idea! Tasha is definitely a rule-breaker (torties don't have rules, in her opinion!)

We hope the problems you are having with your chin stop soon. And we're sending many purrs for a great forever home for Autumn and Winter - we wish their humans did not have to give them up.

Tia said...

I'm so glad that you all like the idea! I'll do a post about it this Tuesday explaining the rules, then it's up to you lovely lot to spread it around. Let's make it the biggest event on the CB! We torties and friends can do it if we stick together.