Saturday, 21 August 2010

Suitcase Saturday

Cats, kittens, peoples and anyone else who matters, I've discovered something wonderful! Oh yes I have, and this thing is so good that you should all hear about it and, if you haven't got one already, ask your peoples to go and buy one for you to explore. It's called... A suitcase!

I discovered this quite by accident, actually. you remember me mentioning that the human's friend was coming again this weekend? Well, he brought a suitcase with him. It's a hard one and on wheels, so at first clance, doesn't look very interesting. But oh the fun to be had!

I didn't realise this at first, so, in my usual way, I showed it dignified curiosity, which involves having a look, then a sniff, then walking away and studying it intensely from a distance. New things should all be given this treatment. The human's friend, who I shall now call Dogman for reasons explained in a minute, took it into the bedroom where I don't get to sleep with the human when he's here, and I thought no more of it... Until today.

First of all I'll explain why he is to be called Dogman. It's because of Molly. Dogman absolutely loves her. He growls at her, rubs her, gets down on the floor and rolls about with her, even sings her songs! The current favourite is "Mollypop Mollypop, oh Molly Molly Molly Mollypop!" It's kinda catchy, but I'd never admit that to Dogman. He doesn't need any encouragement to sing more, unless it's songs about cats. He doesn't do that for me, so I don't bother with him either. you want attention, you gotta give it first, in my book. This morning, he laid on the floor with Molly, and both of them curled up together for a sleep, so he's now Dogman.

While he was moving around this morning though, he left the door of the bedroom open. I, being a super opportunist, took advantage and darted in as quick as I could. The Dogman likes his sleeping area to be cat hair free. He needn't worry. I only try and fur up things that need help, and judging by the amount of Molly hair on his clothes already, any of mine wouldn't make much of a difference for keeping him warm.

Anyway, I'm getting side-tracked. I slipped in, as quick as a wink, and there it was. I saw it. The suitcase. It was only open slightly, so I knew I'd have to wriggle. But what cat can refuse the challenge of a small hole with unknown adventure lurking behind it? Accordingly, I slunk closer, eyed the gap, then before you could say Catnip, I darted forward, engaged in a swift bout of hip shimmying that would make any topcat model proud, and I was in!

Oh, the delights that were in that case. First there was a mound of the soft fur substitutes that the peoples put over their skin to go out. This pile was made for burrowin'! And that's what I did. I rolled in them, batted them, even crawled through the middle! But there was more. On the other side, there were wires. I love wires. I usually leave the human's wires alone, or at least, the ones that are hanging from the computer, but these were different. you could actually grab these. What's more, you could hang on and roll, and the clothes made a great, soft place to lie while doing it! It was so dark in there too. you know as well as I do that cat's eyes are better in the dark, so that, added to the clunkings I was able to make off the hard shell as I thrashed just added to the atmosphere of fun, fun, fun!

It was when I was attacking the bag of toiletries that they caught me, or should I say, discovered. Caught is such a guilty word, isn't it? Hearing what she describes as the "unearthly rumpus" coming from the case, the human flipped back the top to explore. Of course, I just couldn't resist reaching up to bat her hand as it came towards me, and at my touch, all was revealed. All she could do was sit back on her heels and laugh. She's a good human not to interrupt a game of mine when I'm having fun. She did call Dogman though, and he wasn't as pleased at the mess I've made. The human solved this by picking me up for a tickle and a scratch, and I can't say I minded.

I did mind, however, when I went back for another turn with the great case and discovered that the door was once again closed! I've been checking periodically all day, and telling my human off whenever she walks near that door but doesn't open it for me. She hasn't listened, but I can't say i'm surprised, given her poor aptitude for language. I'll wait though, and once more I'll slide in when nobody expects it! Watch this space!

I know I said I had news involving a kitten, but I think I'll leave that for the next post. For now, suitcases are all I can think of!


Ming said...

Eww, a dogman! Is he smelly like the babydog I saw at Yvette's house?
Does your human have her own suitcase? If I was there we could search together. If the dogman brought a suitcase because he keeps all his toys and extra fur stuff in it when he isn't at home, maybe your human has the same thing, and maybe you can find hers even if his is behind a closed door.
I suppose my people has one too, but I've never seen it. Spare fur-things, yes. Wires, oh yes. No suitcase though. A dark place with fur-things and wires and dark sounds like heaven for cats. Off hunting I go!

Tia said...

Babycat, you know, you make an interesting point there. Two sets of paws are better than one, yes? You might not be such a bad houseguest after all. My human may well have one. I'd never even thought, but I'll have a look. The only place it could be is in the room with Mummycat, as I checked the rest of the house and saw nothing.

As for the Dogman, he smells, yes, but no worse than the norm for a people that likes smelly dogs. That's part of the reason why I don't go and sit with him. I don't know how he can bear that smell on himself, but there you go. Peoples are strange things at times.

Everycat said...

Excellent work Tia. True class.


Tia said...

Why thank you, Whicky. Do your apes have a suitcase? They sound like they're too silly to notice if you went and played in it. Come to that, have they even got ping pong balls for you, or are you living a miserable, thankless, ping-pong ball devoid existence? If you are, this needs to be remedied!

The Lee County Clowder said...

The problem with suitcases is that most of the time, when they are out, that means our beans are going to leave us.

Ming said...

Since my people doesn't have one that I've ever seen, I guess that means he's never going to leave me! That's great!
I'll keep looking though, just in case I haven't found it yet. No sense being surprised, is there?

I think ping-pong balls -in a suitcase would be absolute bliss, especially for a kitten who took up less room and left more room for the balls to bounce around. Maybe one day my people will get a suitcase just for me, fill it with extra fur things and wires and a bellball or two, then just let me at it. That would be nice of him, but somehow I don't think he knows well enough to do it.

Tia said...

What? Peoples leave us when cases come out? But Dogman's case was here and he was only arriving. So they can't always mean that peoples are going away, at least, I hope it doesn't. I saw the human's one. It is in the Mummycat room. Does that mean she's leaving?

Noll's Nip said...

Suitcases are an open invitation to us cats ;)

AFSS said...

We likes suitcases too. Mommy is worried we will get carted off in one, so she tries to keep us out of them.