Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Attention stealing mousies!

Friends, I hate that stupid little man in a box that my human calls Computer. He's so moody! He got the huff last night cuz I called him names cuz he'd had my human's attention all day long, and you know what he did? He stopped talking! But it's even worse than that. he waited till my human had tippy-tapped everything I wanted to tell you into his box, and then he wouldn't read it back to her, and he wouldn't keep it in his memory either! The human said a lot of words that she usually only says when she's angry. She said she felt like kicking Computer. I told her she should. I don't like the man in the box, and it would have served him right cuz that was a mean trick he played, waiting until he could spite me by getting rid of my mewsings! It was late when he did this. The human had stayed up specially so that I could talk to you all, so when he got in a mood and wouldn't let her see what I'd said so that she could post it, she got in one and told me she had to sleep on accounta it was stupidly late and she was tired.

My mousies were three weeks old yesterday, and I didn't even get to share it with you! I think they will turn into kittens soon. In fact, I think they already are, cuz they're starting to talk to me now, and it isn't in mousie language. My girl mousie will miaow at me and she even answers me when I brrrp miaow back at her, well, she does sometimes anyway. So does my big boy, the one the human calls Porker, although he usually just screams when I come into the box, whereas the Baby will actually have a conversation with me. I like them more now that they've stopped drinking absolutely all the time, and have started moving around and actually getting interesting. Cuz they are moving now. Porker is walking pretty good, and the Baby is too. Hamster tries, but he's still very wobbly. The Baby fell out of the bed the other night which she wasn't happy about, but she was Ok once the human rescued her and put her back in.

They're also starting to play more too, although Porker is a bit rough. He has no manners yet. He doesn't realise that he has to be gentle with the human. She will let him play with her fingers, but I know he shouldn't be doing it, cuz she has taught me that that's a bad idea. She says it's Ok while they're still learning that she is a nice bean and not a big scary monster, and when they have, then she'll start to teach them right from wrong, but I don't like to see it. he's grabbing her with his claws, then biting her. Sure, he doesn't have any real teeth yet, just tiny little points, so it doesn't hurt, but soon he will and soon it will!

Today I was cuddling him when he saw the human's hand and started to attack it. Now, he was right up by my face at the time, and his claws kept thwapping me in the nose and eyes. I didn't like that one little bit. I told him off with a loud chirrup, and when he didn't listen, I took him round the middle in my two front paws, then hugged him in really close to me and squeezed him tight. I didn't hurt him, but he got the message real quick and stopped his bad manners. The next time the human played with him, he held onto her, but he didn't bite her as hard.

She's just had a good play session with the Baby too, although she prefers to lie on her back and bat at my human's fingers rather than holding on and biting. Her teeth are really through now though! I'm not enjoying feeding them as it is, but when they come all the way through, well, I can tell you, those kids better start eating solids mighty quick, cuz I'm not going through that!

Hmmmm, what else to tell you. There isn't much other than that. They do what they've always done. Sleep, eat, and now play. The Baby purred twice when the human was stroking her, but after only a few seconds, she opened her eyes and realised it was my human and then boy did she scream! I had to reassure her that the human wasn't gonna do what the Catnip mom Trish people does and put her in the stew pot. I wonder if one of the boys who's been kitten sitting has been telling stories to frighten them? Fess up, boys!

As they play more, the human is giving the mousies more and more attention. I tell you something, I don't like that one little bit. It's not cuz she's touching my mousies. That's fine. I know she won't hurt them. I trust her totally. In fact, even when they scream when she's weighing them, I do no more than brrp at them to tell them it'll be Ok. But when she's giving them attention, she isn't giving it to me. I've gotten used to being the only cat in the house and having her undivided attention, but that isn't the case any more. If she plays too long with my mousies, I get in the box and brrp at her, and if she still ignores me or thinks I'm talking to them instead of her, I lie down on that mousie, or put my head on them so that they can't play any more and the human will have to cuddle me instead. She tells me that it's rude, and that it's important for the mousies to learn that she's not big and scary. I do agree it's important, but her attention should be all mine, not divided between them! I've even been letting her pick me up more since I realised what was going on, and I've sat with her each time for about two minutes instead of a second. It's not cuz I feel sorry for her. I'll never admit that! No, it's cuz when I'm sitting on her, her attention is all mine and not the mousies'. That's the way it should be, right? When I demand attention, I should get it!

When I climbed in the box just now when she was playing with the Baby, she actually put her hand under me and refused to let me lie down on her. She told me sternly that I was being rude, and reminded me that I'd just ran away from her when she offered to cuddle me. I'm sneaky though. I worked out real quick that I wasn't gonna win, so I started to do the Baby's bum instead. I know that she'll never get in the way when I'm cleaning my mousies, but this time, she just kept on playing, and cuz the Baby was playing too, it was real hard for me to clean her! The human did hold her still while I did the messy bit which I appreciated, but when I started again as soon as she started to play, the human did a dirty trick. The boys were at the other end of the box, and that human put one of her big hands under a kitten and rolled him over. He was awake, so it didn't startle him, but they will squeak when she first touches him, and as soon as he did, I had to go investigate and see if he was all right. I thought I'd wash them both while I was up there, and while I was, that sneaky human carried on playing with my Baby! She says that she'll give me attention whenever I want it, and that she'll even cuddle me if I'm in the box, but she says that just as the mousies have to learn manners, I too have to learn not to be so jealous, as it may hamper their development. She took me out of the box when she was done playing though, cuddled me on her knee, gave me loads of yummy treats and told me I was and always would be the bestest cat ever. I flounced away in a huff though... After I'd gotten all the treats. My human should know that I'm the only one who deserves all that attention!

We did have some photos taken today, but the computer thing that Dogman's friend uses to transfer them from his flashy box is broken, so we'll have to wait a little. the human says she'll ask Dogman to take pictures tonight though, so you should have them tomorrow. Oh, to finish off, I'll give you the mousies' weights just so that you can see how much they've grown. They're getting big, and fast! And there's a surprise in the weight gains. Look closely at Hamster in relation to everyone else...

The Baby: 316 grams
Hamster: 325 grams.
Porker: 384 grams
Isn't it super!


Random Felines said...

YEAH!!! Mom agrees - those baby teeth are bad news. And the toenails are worse. We are very excited to see new pictures....

Team Tabby said...

We will be excited to see the kittens too! How exciting to have little ones around - lively at your place.

We all came to live with our beans when we were growed up, and we're all seniors now.

Katnip Lounge said...

ooooh, pictures! I wonder if the points are starting to show? Hamster's weight is fabulous...Tia, you are such a good Mummy!

Kwee Cats said...

Tia, you are such a good mommy. It is so hard to share attentions, we know! And you sure gotta watch that mean computer man, he will mess things up bad!

The Lee County Clowder said...

We see Hamster caught Baby, and all of them are still growing at a furious pace.

Cindy said...

Boy, I wish you had pictures!

Furkidsmom said...

We're looking forward to picture of the little mousies! Pretty soon we'll have to call them kittens!!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

meowmeowmans said...

We just left a comment at Moonspun Cats. :)

We can hardly wait to see pictures of the little ones!

Sweet Purrfections and Angel Praline said...

I love the updates of the kittens (mousies). Can't wait to see pictures.

Mom Paula

MoMo said...

Great to hear about the progress of the mousies. Looking forward to the pics.

Too bad about the computer. Always plays up at the worst time.

Everycat said...

Tia you are being such a good Mummycat. Your mousies are having a very good start to life. You enjoy those mousies Tia, it won't be long before they are grown up and off to live in lovely forever homes, so make the most of these special days!

Gerry & Oliver

Jewel said...

Pleased to hear that the mousies are doing better now. Looking forward to hearing more about their progress

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