Friday, 22 July 2011

Stealing my friends!

It seems, friends, as though this is going to be a weke of stealing posts. First, they stole my attention. That was all right though, cuz I went and cuddled the human and reascerted my position of number one catness in the house. Next they stole my foods, but thanks to all of your reassurances, I'm not so worried about that any more, cuz you've made me be able to hope that I won't starve! But I don't know what to do about the next thing they've stolen. They've stolen my friends! Well, not mine, but the human's, and what belongs to the human is mine by proxy, so they stole my friends!

The human had a friend over this afternoon. She always cuddles me and says nice things to me, but this afternoon, most of those nice things were said to the mousies instead. She made talk noise to them and told them how cute they were. She cuddled them, she stroked them, she even sat on the floor with them! She took lotsa pictures of them, and she forgot about me! She didn't even look at me, not once! I showed off my great mummycat skills by washing my mousies, then by brrrrping at them, and even showed off how well I was eating my stinky goodness! But it was all in vain. She didn't even know I existed! My human says that she did make a big fuss of me, that she came and made a point of cuddling me and telling me how beautiful I was, for a long time, but for the other eleventy zillion hours that she was here, she was with the mousies. What's a girl to do! If I was a people, I'd put my feet up, put on a good movie and have some chocolate to make myself feel better, but as it is, if any of you are up for a mammoth snuggling session, then I could do with one. Who needs peoples friends! Well, I spose my human is a good one. She always gives me all kinds of love, and I'm sorta glad she doesn't use the baby talk she does with the mousies with me.

Hamster ate some of my stinky goodness this morning, but the Baby wasn't interested at all. Thank Cod, I say. more for me! My human abandoned me again this morning for 13 weeks, or it seemed that long, and when she came back, she wouldn't even talk to me but went straight away to get into the shower. She smelled funny too! She says she was only gone for about an hour and a half and that she smelled funny cuz she'd been horse riding. An hour and a half? I could have died of starvation in that time, and she wouldn't have cared! Horrible human! She did give me all kinds of lovin when she was done with her getting soapy though. And she gave me a fresh plate of stinky goodness, cuz I'd eaten all of mine. Well, I spose her priorities are right when she's here, cuz she reminded me that she didn't even have breakfast this morning so that she could make sure I was fed before she left.

The mousies all gained weight through the night which pleased the human no end. She does worry so when they lose, but she doses them with drops which give them a ravenous apetite, so it all comes right in the end.

The HG is coming tonight to see my mousies, and she's bringing someone with her. The human says I'm not to worry, cuz he loves cats just as much as the HG and he'll love me. Well, I had no doubt of that. After all, what's not to love! But I wonder if they'll give the mousies all the attention too and ignore me? They'd better not!

I got my human to steal some of the pictures that her friend took today. Do you see how big the mousies have gotten? The first one is Porker. I'd say he's big enough now that he's almost a kitten. What do you think? The next one is Hamster. He's still pretty small, but he's getting there. The last one is the Baby, and isn't she yummy! My human says that Hamster and the Baby are so similar in size and shape that she wouldn't be surprised if Hamster turned out to be a girl when they go for their check up at nine weeks. Well, we'll just see about that! I hope you enjoy the pictures. Can you tell them apart yet? I know I certainly can!




Tia & Porker


Katnip Lounge said...

Tia, you are the STAR of the show! Never forget it. Your mousies are adorable, but you're the mousie-maker!

Furkidsmom said...

Awww...your mousies are so cute. They take after YOU!!!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Old Kitty said...

Tia - you are adorable and your kitties have inherited your beauty! Yay! take care

The Lee County Clowder said...

Tia. If all else fails, run up to your Human, thwop her on the foot or ankle, then run away quick. That usually gets everyones attention.

If that sounds like too much work, try walking across everyones lap once or twice. Never stop, just keep going. That startles everyone, especially if there are several humans sitting close together.

Your mousies are getting bigger and cuter all the time.

PAWSVolunteer said...

Those mousies sure are adorable!

Kwee Cats said...

Tia! Your mousies get all their cute and adorable from you!

Hannah and Lucy said...

Those mousies are all gorgeous Tia and have
got all your cuteness.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Heather and Fluffy said...

You could always casually wreck havoc on the desk or in the wardrobe of your human? (Don't say that the idea came from me!) xx Fluffy

Everycat said...

If you could hear the "squeeeing" going on here as our ape looks at the mousie pictures, you'd put your paws over your ears Tia. These mousies are delightful, they look very healthy and very happy. You know why Tia? Because you and your Mum have done a brilliant job of caring for them. As for being ignored, don't stand for it, stamp all over any human who ignores you, stick your bum in their face too - they won't ignore you for long ;)

Gerry & Oliver
Deafened by squeeing.

Admiral Hestorb said...

what precious babies you have lovey with dear sweet baby faces. xoxo