Saturday, 2 July 2011

Kitten Pictures, and a Purr request...


Katnip Lounge Mommy here with a quick kitten report:

All the babes made gains yesterday which is good, but little boy Two is still having difficulties latching onto the milk bar.  Can you spare him some purrs?

Tia's Human is dead tired.  Who knew tiny tots were so much work?
I think she could use some purrs, too.

I think the kits are, from L to R:
Little Girl, Little Boy Two and Little Boy One, aka "The Porker"! 

And a close up of Little tiny!

Tia hopes to post later.

xx  Trish


Furkidsmom said...

We're still purring for all of the kittens, Tia and Tia's Mom!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Old Kitty said...

Awwwww Tia's babies are just adorable!! Me and Charlie are purring and praying for all the little ones and for Tia's mum too - she'd doing great!! Take care

Jan's Funny Farm said...

So tiny. We hope they all thrive. Special purrs and wags for the one not doing as well.

Kwee Cats said...

Awwwwwww, baby pictures. They bees so sweet and tiny. We gonna put they picture on the purr page Mumsy is making. We bees purring for them, Tia, and Tia Mumsy, dis alls you guys, hard. Keep hanging in there.

Oh! They dis soooo cute!

The Lee County Clowder said...

Purrrrrring and purrraying for Tia, Carly, and the three itty bitty little kitties. Hang in there, all of you.

So glad to hear all of them are gaining weight. We were starting to get worried a bit about the one.

Clooney said...

Oh what sweethearts they are! Our biggest and best purrs for everyone: Tia, Tia's Mom, Little Girl, Little Boy One and extra purrs to Little Boy Two.

Hannah and Lucy said...

We are still purring our best purrs for Tia, Tia's mum and the kittens. The just all look so tiny but we are relieved to hear they are all putting on some weight. Carly you must be absolutely exhausted we have been thinking about you all.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

3 kats and a kwiltr said...

Purrayers and snuggles to all of you! Hold on, time passes so quickly and soon they will be eating on their own. You can all do this, you have made it this far!
Taz, Runt, Charles and mommy, Anna, in IL