Monday, 25 July 2011

From mousies to kittens

Friends, I've had my mousies around for a month now, and I think the time has come. Yep, that's right. Today they graduate. They are no longer mousies. They are now kittens! It's true. They look like kittens, they talk like kittens. They are clumsy and fall over like kittens, and most of all, they smell like kittens! At least, Hamster does.

My human woke up this morning, and when she went to do what she always does, which is to climb in the pen and smoosh and cuddle us all to within a very inch of our lives, she found Hamster with a very dirty back end, and a little pile of stinky poo on the bedding as a present for her. Now, just for a moment, allow me to reflect on the injustice of the whole thing. If I'd done that, I would have been told off, but when he did, she made lots of silly smooshy noises and told him what a good boy he was. She says this is a big thing, cuz it's the first solid poop he's done, and on his own too, but really, did he have to do it right where we sleep? She has put a kitten tray into the pen now though, right where he went before, and everything got washed, so it now smells lovely and clean and like my human's clothing things that she uses instead of sensible fur. The kittens all had fun investingating the litter tray. They romped and rolled all over in the litter, and when my human did their bums tonight, she made sure they were in the tray when she did them, then buried the wipes so that they would get the smell of their own wee to guide them back there again.


They are all making leaps and bounds, literally! Whenever she takes the front off the pen now, Porker and the Baby automatically try and escape. hamster is a little more reserved, and will just put his paws up and watch, but the other two make a break for freedom. I don't like it. I tell them off all the time, and try and herd them back into the pen, but they just don't listen to me! They're so disobedient! If the front is on, all three will climb the mesh and squeak. The Baby squeals at my human to come and pick her up for a cuddle, and sometimes the boys do too.


She's so quick at everything. She's the first to really understand what a tail is for, and she's already talking to me with it. When they walk, she keeps herself low which means she can really move when she wants to, but the others try hard to stand up tall when they move, which usually means they fall over. I must admit, it's cute to watch.

I take myself out of the pen when they start to fight though. I've had to discipline them so many times for getting too carried away and clawing my face! I won't have it. It's rude, and they need to learn manners! Whenever they do this, I take them in my two front paws, wrap them around the bad kitten, then squeeze them in very tight to my chest and sort of give them a little shake. I'll hold on until they go limp and stop whatever it is they're doing. The human is now doing this as well when they bite her, as it seems to be much more effective than tapping their noses. She says that she thinks the cutest part of them is their noses at the minute, and that she could just eat them all up. I hope she doesn't!

She made me some yummy blended stinky goodness today which means that it's easy to eat, and it won't hurt the kittens if they want to try some. I sorta hope they don't want to try though. It's mine!

Soon, the babies will be getting their propper, forever names. They will be registered soon, you see, so will need them. We think that we already know what the Baby's name will be, but we aren't sure yet about the two boys. There are a number of options, actually, as the Baby could still be registered under a pedigree name, and we could use the name we have for her as a pet name, like the way it is for me. Anyway, we could have a themed litter. My human likes some drinks names. Maybe Georgia Peach for the Baby, then the choices of Southern Comfort, Heart Stopper or Cryptonite for the others, but we don't know. Remember, Moonspun will come before all of those names. We could also have Arianwen which means silvery white for the Baby. It's Welsh, and we really like this one too. There are so many choices! What do you all think? We'll keep the pet name of the Baby a secret for a little while longer, we think, just till she gets old enough that she can decide for herself if she likes it or not. I think it's only fair!

Porker is doing well, although when he talks, his miaow still sounds a little bubbly. He is still beating everyone up though, and he gained good weight today. I swear, whenever I'm in there, he's constantly at the milk bar! He's such a greedy kitten! Hamster lost lots though, so I'll need to make a special effort to make sure he gets fed more tonight. Because it's their fourth week, I'll give you the weights again so that you can see just how much they've all grown. Pictures will come soon, and, if you're lucky, perhaps even some videos! Watch this space, but they'll be here soon! Thank you all so much for praying for Porker. It means so much to me, and you can see that the power of the purr is working once again!


The Baby: 392 grams.
Hamster: 395 grams.
Porker, 481 grams.

And here is some video!

If the video won't load, see it HERE

Friends, if any of you are up for a spot of wrasslin with unruly children, please, please, please, be my guest! I could do with some peace!


Sweet Purrfections and Angel Praline said...

I love reading about the kittens. Are you going to keep all of them? I asked because your mom is going to register them with their names. In the U.S., most don't get the papers until after they are spayed or neutered (if keeping for a pet) and the only name we're required to use is the cattery name. Just curious! Both of my babies will have the Crystalpurrs name.

Mom Paula

Old Kitty said...

Awwww they are beautiful, just beautiful! Lovely to see you Tia and your mousies turned kitties! Take care

Random Felines said...

awwww - what a bunch of cuties!!! They are making so much progress. The video is adorable.

Meowers from Missouri said...

ah, tia. bast bless you! you are bein' good mama!! it is such fun to read about an' see yer mousies-turned-kitties--it has been a very long time since any of us saw little ones, an' we are furry glad to see them.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Tia! Oh wow we have missed so much - we can't believe they are already at kitten stage - 4 weeks is amazing! They babies are just so beautiful too! And boy it sounds like they are such a handful, but you are such a good mom to them too! And of course we are always sending all of you purrs and prayers to stay healthy and for them to grow up big and strong!!