Thursday, 7 July 2011

Thirsty Thursday

Friends, my babies were thirsty all right when the human finally got up this morning. Why? Cuz I did exactly what I did the night before. I yelled and yelled, and when that didn't work, I chirrupped at her. That woke her up. She told me to lie down and give the babies a drink. I listened to her the first time, but the second, third and fourth I pretended I couldn't hear her.

She gave in at three in the morning and took me out for a cuddle. Of course, I tried to run off, but this didn't work so good, as it got me put very smartly back in the pen. She says she hopes I'll learn soon enough that if I whine (how dare she call it whining!), I can come out, but only for a cuddle and not to abandon the mousies and go adventuring. I say forget it, lady. Anyway, when she put me back, she laid me down again and helped me stretch out. Then she plugged the babies in and went to bed thinking she was scot free...

She gave in again at 5, and then again at half 6! Boy am I good! The chirrup seems to wake her more thoroughly than just yelling. She says she's able to tune out the usual yelling, but she can still wake up if Hamster is crying too much, or if my screaming turns urgent or distressed. She's far too clever, my human.

Hamster's umbilical chord fell off today. His was the last to go. The human held each of my mousies today while I had a really good wash of their bums and tummies (they aren't as yummy as mine yet, Ok?). It's easier when she holds them. If she doesn't, they squirm away from me, and I end up having to follow them all round the box. I get fed up of trying halfway through and come back to it again later, but when my human had them today, no matter how much they squirmed and wriggled and squeaked, they didn't go anywhere. I was able to give them a very vigorous cleaning, and I wonder if it was that which made the chord fall off. Either way, his tummy is yummier without that hanging off it.

The baby had another tickle from my human today, and she even got to licking her finger, the tickling one, that is. Then later, when she was sleeping, the human came and stole her for a cuddle. I didn't mind. I'm slowly learning that my human always brings the mousies back to me, and even if they cry when she has them, it's not cuz she's hurting them or being mean or anything. She curled the baby into her hand, and even when she woke up a little, all she did was sniff the human, then settle back down to sleep again. This is the first time she's been able to pick up any baby, asleep or awake, without them crying like someone was killing them!

I'm still not too sure about this mothering thing, but I like the little mousies well enough. I think they'll be good company, and anyway, it's cuz of them that my human gave me a whole cod fillet yesterday, all to myself! I've never had cod before, and this was fresh and still warm, and oh so juicey. Friends, as you know, I don't eat a lot, but I ate half of that in one sitting, and then the other half with my stinky goodness! The human says she has one left which I might get next week as a treat, but only if I'm extra special good. I can do that, oh yes I can! And if I can't, then all I gotta do is come and smoosh her for five minutes and she'll give me whatever I want! She has her faults, but at least she's easy to manipulate.


Kwee Cats said...

You are doing just great, Tia. When Piewhackits was a teeny baby, she cried like she was being squished when our Mumsy picked her up. Still, she cries a little when she's picked up. Then she just licks and carries on - its all just an act. We want you and your sweet babies to keep doing great!

Random Felines said...

Keep up the good work. Mom says our foster babies cried like that....once they get used to the people smell they get over it more. :)

Angel Sweet Praline said...

Just wanted to drop by to check on things. I've been reading and keeping up, but haven't commented. I've been sad this week, missing Sweet Praline, but reading about kittens helps me to smile.

Mom Paula

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Tia! Wow we can't believe the mousies are already over a week old - that is amazing! We think that you are doing a great job of learning to be a mom - we know it takes time, and with having surgery too, that has to make it harder so we think you are doing really good! We think it is good that you are all learning and that the mousies are growing up - it must be so fun to see them changing as they get older!!

"The Boys" and Karen said...

Wow, you got some new playthings! We haven't been here for a while so didn't realize your family expanded a bit.

Congratulations to all involved.