Tuesday, 5 July 2011

One week old!

Friends, I'm exhausted which is why I haven't been writing so much lately. It takes too much effort to think of things to say, and then when I do think of something, these eating machines decide it's time for their next feed and I can go nowhere! They are a week old today, and it's been the longest, longest week, both for me and the human. For her, it's been long cuz she's so tired. She's up in the night with little Hamster still, and it does take it out of her. Well, I'm up with them all the time, and let me tell you, they take it out of me... Literally! I'm sure each mousie drinks sixteen million pints of milk a day, and they're still hungry! They are still fighting fiercely over my nimples no matter how many times I tell them off, but at least little Hamster is doing it too now, so that gives us one lest thing to worry about. He's getting fatter too. The human says he gained 11 grams yesterday all by himself! Well, kinda by himself, even though she's still helping.

Hamster is the last to do everything. The last to fight, the last to learn to suck and the last to purr. Cuz oh yes, my babies have started to purr. The baby was the first. The human heard this funny noise coming from the box after she'd plugged them all in on Saturday night, and when she touched the Baby, her body was vibrating! Porker was the next to pick it up, and this morning, we heard the first tentative purrs from Hamster. I think he's always gonna be slow, but I can't wait till all three of them purr at once! nor can the human. It'll be marvellous!

Their eyes are almost all the way open now, and their ears are beginning to open, but the umbilical chords are still attached! I know I'm sposed to lick them off, but they're icky and gross and I don't wanna! The human says they may well fall off, but I'm not so sure. What do you all think?

They're starting to try and stand more now too. Soon it won't be long till they're walking around, and then the fun really, really starts!

I keep trying to leave the babies behind and run away to escape them. My human wouldn't let me leave them for long the first few days, but as time has progressed, I'm allowed to come out for longer as long as I don't do it frequently. I even had a little play session this morning! I also did something else that I know I shouldn't have though.

Last night, the human heard me scratching at the mat in the kitchen. I don't normally do this at all, so she came to investigate. It wasn't long before her nose told her what had happened, and I tell you what, she got real, real cross. I'd left a number two on the mat for her. Just a little one, but it was enough to send her absolutely hopping mad! Why? Cuz I had a litter tray in the pen with me. I had one in the living room. I even had one in the hall nice and far away from the babies. So really, I had no excuse to do what I did. She caught me at it again this morning. Both times, she scruffed me just like an angry mommacat, and said lots of angry words with a big hiss thrown in for good measure. I got the message right quick, I can tell you. This morning, she even took me to my hall litterbox, put me in there even though I didn't wanna go, and made me dig in it with my paws. The indignity of it! I decided I didn't want that to happen again, so I ran straight back to the pen and went in the tray in there. I got massive praise for doing that, and a whole handful of treats and ages of snuggling, so I guess it was worth it in the end. My human's scary when she's cross though. Do your peoples ever get mad at you? Is mine the only one that does the mommacat grab and hiss? It's far too effective for my liking!

So, back to mousies. They grow bigger by the day! I'll tell you their weights so that you can see. Tori, to answer your question, the human will record their weights right up until when they leave us, as it's a good indicator of how well or poorly each mousie is doing. When they start eating and gaining well, the frequency will go down, but that's about it. Keeping detailed records is so, so important when mousies are depending on you though!

The baby:
Birth weight: 71 G
Today's weight: 165 G

Birth weight: 101 G
Today's weight: 151 G

Birth weight: 92 G
Today's weight: 192 G

As you can see, the Baby and Porker are very healthy weights. Kittens should double their birth weight in the first week, or at a stretch, 10 days. Hamster has only gained half the weight of the others and half his original birth weight, but he's picking up now, so let's hope it won't be too much longer before he's doubled! He's not much smaller than the Baby, but he's a bit weaker which means he works so much harder. Porker is so big that he just bullies everyone else until he gets his own way which neither me nor the human like to see. We know this isn't necessarily an indicator of his personality, but it's hard to remember that when we watch him shove Hamster out of the way to steal his nimple even though Porker has one of his own right at the back, and those are the best ones! Ah well, in two weeks they'll start eating propper food anyway, so this won't go on too much longer I hope. Then maybe I can have a break!

Thank you to those of you who keep stopping by. We love to hear from you and cherish every comment!


Hannah and Lucy said...

We bet your mum is quite exhausted Tia - try and be a good girl a poop in your trays - it will make life so much easier for her. Glad all your babies are going to the milking parlour now so your mum can rest a little more.
Luv Hannah andLucy xx xx

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Vidock said...

You're doing a grand job, Tia! Motherhood is a lot of hard work! We're glad that little Hamster is eating better! He may yet leave the others in the dust!

Mama-Tama of The Poupounette

Random Felines said...

We have had tiny kittens and mommies here too! Trust us - the cords fall off by themselve - don't let your mom tell you otherwise!! We are glad the mousies are doing well and getting bigger by the day. Enjoy it now - they get big so fast.

Admiral Hestorb said...

you and mom are doing a super great job. my mom and i are looking forward to seeing your babies, Tia. now please don't do number 1 or 2 on the mat. that was rude.

The Lee County Clowder said...

Tia, you and your mousies are doing great. We can't wait for them to all start purrrrring.

Hamster should fatten up a little bit now that he finally figured out how things work.

Willow said...

Tia it is a good sign that all of the little mousies are starting to purr. Little mousies sound like a lot of work and you are doing very well in helping them all thrive.

Everycat said...

Little Mousies purring is wonderful, and eyes opening too, so exciting. Please don't punish Tia for her accidents. She is showing you that she is anxious in the only way a cat knows how. Being a Mum is a very new thing for her and she is probably finding it all a bit stressful. The next week will probably be a bit easier on everyone as The Mousies get stronger and feed themselves more.