Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Weary Wednesday

Friends, it's a weary Wednesday all right, and my human is a heartless pig! She doesn't listen to me!

I spent all of last night, Ok not all, but some of it, screaming at her to let me out of that stupid, stupid pen that she put me in with those squealing mousies! They were crying, I was crying, and the human said it sounded like she had a zillion cats instead of only four! I was sat at the front of the pen screaming at her, while my babies sat round my feet and cried for milk. But I was bored. I'd fed them once already. I wanted out to do things. What things? Well, hide under the bed, in that little spot where the human can't get me, then not come out for love nor tuna! The human says that's why she didn't let me out, cuz I need to stay with my babies to warm and feed them. Codswallop, I say.

I got excited when she opened the pen door, and tried to dart past her, but as usual, my human was too quick for me. She managed to catch me, then she told me that if I wanted a bit of loving, I could come out, but that was it. I had everything else I needed in the pen; food, water, a litterbox. She picked me up and I squirmed like mad to try and get away from her, but she was having none of it. She sat on the bed with me and cuddled me in the blankets, just the way I used to like. Friends, I let the team down. I enjoyed it for a few minutes. Then, suddenly, I remembered that I'm a torttureshell, not a mousie. I made a flying leap... And got nowhere. She'd been waiting for me to do it and she caught me. With a final stupid kissie on my head, and a last stupid chin tickle which I'll never admit I liked, I was put back in with the squealers who were really noisy by this point.

She laid me on my side, then stretched me out so that the mousies could get at my nimples. Almost straight away, the noise stopped and I calmed. I don't know what it is, but when they have their mouths on my nimples, everything doesn't seem so bad any more. I'd say I go to mush, but of course I don't. I'm way too fierce to go to mush just cuz of a couple of little mousies. But it does feel good. Makes me feel like I'm lying in front of a warm fire, but inside me. Does that make sense?

That sneaky human knows that I get quiet when the mousies are on my tummy, and she very silently eased the pen door shut and crept away to bed again.

This scenario repeated itself quite a few times, but she didn't take me out again. Instead, she gave me scritches when I let the mousies find my nimples. She says their weight gain suffered because of it, with Hamster only gaining 1 gram overnight, compared to the 9 he'd gained during the day. Well, she shouldn't be so mean to me! Who cares if the mousies get cold and hungry! Well, I spose I do, but come on! A cat should retain her independence, no matter what!

I've had no more litterbox issues. She blocked my access to the kitchen, stupid human, so I go in the one by my babies. I do have one that's nice and far away that the human thought I'd use, cuz mommacats don't normally like to go too close to the nest, but as with all other typicalities of mothering, I've totally flouted this expectation.

That's about it for today, sept that Porker has started to consistently purr now. Oh, and the human has started her own blog. She says it's to chart the mousies' progress from a human point of view. Sounds boring, but if your beans want to read it, it's Here
We're sorry, there's no pictures yet, but we're working on it. Oh, she's also almost got the Moonspun cattery website launched, but again, we're just waiting on pictures and something to do with a database connection something or other (I stopped listening at that bit). Anyway, we'll tell you when it's launched! We'd love you to come visit and give us feedback!


Random Felines said...

Glad the kitts are doing well - even if they drive you crazy.

The Lee County Clowder said...

Admit it, Tia. You care about your little mousies. You just don't want any one to know about it.

Purrrrring for Tia and the squealers, and a headbonk for Carly. (who probably needs a nap)

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Vidock said...

You're doing a grand job, Tia. Right now, those little ones need you more than you can ever begin to guess but soon enough, they will be gone, so enjoy it!


Furkidsmom said...

Tia you are a wonderful Mommy and we know those kittens love you very much.

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Hannah and Lucy said...

Tia you are a mum now and you have to look after your babies - your mum has helped you as much as she can so give her a break too. In a few short weeks you will only remember the good times of having these babies.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx