Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sunday Sadness

Well, friends, I don't know what's wrong, but whatever it is, is't stopping all of my babies gaining weight, and I don't like that one little bit! I've been feeding them, honest I have, and the human even gave me some stuff she calls homeopathy to increase my milk flow, but nothing is helping. Porker actually lost 4 grams last night, and that's without me even bothering to scream at the human for attention. I've been super duper good, and it's still not enough! Am I a bad mummycat, friends? Have I done something to them by ignoring them for so long that now they've decided they don't want to be my mousies any more? I'm confused!

Tomorrow they'll be two weeks old, so there'll be some pictures for you to look at! They've gotten mighty big since the last pictures. They're almost twice the size they were then! In fact, Porker is easily twice the weight, even though he did lose some last night. Dogman's mummypeople says that Porker's colour is coming in round his mouth. Can you see it in the pictures?

There's not much else to tell you, sept that I got fish and chicken today! I didn't eat my morning foods and the human said I felt a tiny bit dehydrated, so she made me some fish and mixed it with my foods. Well, I wasn't gonna say no to that! She also fed me some of the chicken that she made for her, Dogman and his mummypeople for their dinner, and boy was it nice! She says I can have some more of that tomorrow with my food if I like. I say yes please!

She says she'll leave us all alone tonight sept for when my mousies cry. Then she'll come help. I've decided that I'm gonna be so good to them that they won't need to cry at all!

I've been in my propper litterbox again today. To answer your question, no, Tori, they don't eat anything yet, let alone litter. They just drink from me. And anyway, they aren't able to get into my box. They're too small. When they do they'll probly have a go at eating it, but every mousie does, and it's Ok cuz the litter won't harm them if they have a taste. They'll soon learn that that's disgusting and stop doing it though!

I learned something sad today though. It's part of the reason why I haven't been eating so good, as it quite took the heart out of me. My dear friend, Whicky, crossed the bridge five days ago. It was quite unexpected by us all, never mind his family, and he's left a hole behind him much bigger than he was. I had a soft spot for that handsome mancat. Do you know that he was the first cat ever to come see me and leave kind words? If you'd like to visit his blog, I know his peoples and his brothers could do with your love and support. The blog can be found Here."
Whicky, my friend, have fun up there at the bridge, and make sure to play as hard as you loved!

Well, that's all from me till tomorrow. It's the mousies' bedtime, and my time to think and remember.


Katnip Lounge said...

Tia, you just relax and let your Nimples flow! Your lil mousies need your milk. That fresh chicken should do the trick! Johnny says he'd love to come and be a proper Manny, but of course he can't do any feeding, silly boy. Not that it stopped him from trying when the twins were little, hee hee!

Everycat said...

Tia, we think you are being a good mummycat, you haven't been one before and it's darned hard, difficult work. You will gain more confidence each day, so relax if you can and Carly will relax too. You have learned loads in two weeks little one and had an operation!

Thank you for your kind words and love for Whicky, he is bound to be schlurping up some catnip milk and making a toast to the beautiful friends he left behind

Gerry, Oliver & The Apes

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Vidock said...

You mustn't allow yourself to get stressed, Tia! Sometimes, kitties need a little extra help. On a couple of occasions when I was nursing my lot, #1 helped a bit with formula kitten milk.

Terribly sad about Whicky.


Random Felines said...

Good luck with the kittens! We are sure you are being a great mommy.... it is tough with tiny babies and they can go up and down.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Tia we are so sorry that things are going hard for you - we wish that it was easier. WE know you love your babies very much. WE are sending over lots of purrs and prayers.

And we are sorry that your friend had to go to the bridge - we didn't know him but we have heard so many good things about him and we know he will be missed.

Kwee Cats said...

Tia, sweetie, you are being a super great kitty Mommy. Just relax. We know its stressful. You are doing fine. And your Momsy is helping, she loves you and is proud of you too. We are so sorry about your friend, Whicky. We wish we could have known him better. Rest, sweet girl. Its all gonna be okay.