Saturday, 9 July 2011

Quick update

Just a quick note from me to tell you that the mousies' weight gain today has been horrible and we don't know why. Sure, I left them, but I always leave them and I didn't do it for any longer than normal. My human thinks that the nimples on top when I lie on my right side aren't as good as the ones on the left, so after she weighed them tonight, she turned me over for a little bit. The mousies are all feeding now, and the human says she hasn't seen them stay attached so long all day, so they must be getting something! She says she might be a bit stricter with me tomorrow and ask me to go back in the box more. I hope she doesn't!

Well, me pooing on the mat had a good side. Sure, the human got mad, but it means that now every time I go in my litterbox in the right place, I get more treats than you could shake a stick at! I don't know why you'd want to shake a stick at treats mind you. It's wasting time that could be spent eating them! I make a big thing about going in the right place now. I get in and scratch about a bit until the human says "Good girl, Tia". Then I know she's noticed, and treats will follow. I make quite a ceremony out of going to the bathroom now!

All of the babies enjoy the human's tummy tickles now, and the Baby so much that if the human stops before she's had enough, she'll cry and squeak until she starts again. She's taken to washing the human's finger clean too while she's being tickled. The human thinks this is adorably cute, but I'm just pleased that my little girl is learning manners and helping the poor human keep herself clean. They do such an inadequate job with their own tongues, you know. It's particularly nice cuz she's never seen me cleaning the human, so she learned that one all on her own!

Last night I stayed so quiet in the pen that the human was awful worried. She thought I wasn't staying with the babies. you see, she changed things around. She took out the small litterbox and put my big one there instead, only she put it outside the door. She blocked it all off so that I couldn't get out, then put my foods and water at the back of the pen, and the baby basket at the front. So I would have had space to go lie away from the babies if I'd wanted. And I was so quiet that she thought I'd done just that! But I hadn't, cuz when she weighed them this morning, Hamster had gained a massive 11 grams in 12 hours all on his own! Just as well, cuz today he gained the most, and he only gained 2! Poor Porker actually lost weight today! She hopes everyone will do better overnight. In fact, she's banking on it.

That's all for today, friends. I'm too busy feeding to write more right now. I hope you'll understand!


Katnip Lounge said...

Tia, you feed those lil mousies! Your Human needs a break...

Torie said...

Oh Tia i'm sorry to hear about their disappointing weight gain. It really is a roller coster!

With the litterbox in the pen do the kittens not eat the stuff?

Take care, xxx.

Kwee Cats said...

Tia, you are so sweet, and we know you can be a sweet Mommy too. Your Human is being very sweet to you and helping so much with your precious babies. You are going to do a good job feeding them. We'll be checking on you guys later. Help your human get some rest, she worries so much.

Admiral Hestorb said...

Tia darling..all parenting seems a chore to a new mommy as you are but please..stay with your babies more.