Sunday, 24 July 2011

Highs and Lows

Friends, this last weekend has brought so many milestones that I don't even know where to begin. Not all of them have been good though, I warn you.

The HG and her family friend, now called FF, arrived late on Friday, but straight away, they wanted to see my mousies. That was fine by me. The mousies were all sleepy and easy to handle. The HG did fine, but FF managed to drop Hamster. Luckily, he was sat on the sofa, but it meant that Hamster fell to the sofa, then slid off the edge and landed on the floor. The human has very, very thick carpets in the house though, so he wasn't hurt in the slightest. Despite this, she got that look about her that she gets when I've done something real, real bad. She didn't say anything to FF, but she was so mad that she says she was shaking. I was worried for my mousie, but he was just fine. I'm not going to say more on this, cuz it makes the human mad all over again just to think about it. Poor FF was so shocked and upset that he couldn't even say anything. She knows that it was an accident and that he didn't mean it, but she looks at those mousies as hers too, and she says she just wanted to scream and shout at him and tell him what she thought! She knows he'll beat himself up more than she ever could though. It's clear to see that he loves us all. He wanted to cuddle me, but as you know, I'm not very into snuggling at the moment. He watched me a lot, but he didn't pester me once. He talked to me all the time though!

The HG on the other hand. Well. I like her, or at least I think I do, but sometimes I just wish she'd leave me alone. If I'm anywhere near her, she wants to touch me. I understand that she loves cats very much and that she doesn't have a cat of her own and desperately misses them, but really, does she have to stroke me all the time? She says nice things to me though, but one thing I can't understand is the name she calls me. She calls me Matilda, and that's not my name. My human says that she gives pet names to all her animals, and even other peoples', but normally they're not another propper name. they're something silly. I sort of wish she wouldn't call me the weird name, but she does, so that's that. She loved my mousies. She told me how cute they were, and she said to the human that she wanted to take the Baby home with her! No way though. She's staying here with us! I do like the HG. She buys cool toys for me!

On Saturday, the human told me she was abandoning me again, this time to go into town with the HG and FF. She gave me some foods before she went, and as Porker was very interested, she decided to wait and see if he'd take his first mouthful from the bowl. It's just as well she did wait!

Porker got hold of a chunk of my stinky goodness. The human had been told by another breeder that mousies can cope with soft chunks, as their teeth are sharp enough to chew through. Porker sucked, then chewed, then... gagged, choked, and finally stopped breathing. I've never seen my human move so quick, nor shout so loud. Swift movements frighten me, so she tries to keep her hands slow when they come towards me, but this time, she swooped in, grabbed him, and before I could even say miaow, she had him upside down, was tapping his ribs and shrieking at the HG to phone the vet. Well, they told her she was shrieking, the HG and FF, that is, cuz she can't remember a thing about it. She says she's felt less panic even when resussing people patients, but panic she did. At long last, the food popped back out again, but now she was worried that he might have breathed in some tiny pieces of it. She listened to his chest with something she calls a stethoscope, and sure enough, it sounded noisy.

Straight away, she dosed him with glucose to avoid him going into shock, and put him back in with me, but I didn't want to know anything about him. I pushed him away, but the human put him right under my chin to lick. She said that a thorough wash might stimulate him to cough up anything lodged in his chest. But I pushed him away again. For some reason, this upset the human no end, but he smelled wrong to me, too much like death or illness or, well, just something not good, and I didn't want him near.

The human phoned the vet lady people, but all she said was that my human had done everything that she would have done herself, and she'd done a good job. She said we were to watch him till Monday, and if he'd gone downhill, we were to bring him in. By the time she got off the phone, Porker was at the milk bar filling his face! I didn't push him away from there. I knew he was hungry, and I'm not that cruel.

His miaow still sounds rusty even after a whole day, and he lost weight today, but then, the Baby didn't gain anything either, and it's not unusual for them to do this during the day. The night will tell though. Porker always gains massively at night, well, they all do, so it will tell whether he's getting sick or not. he's still moving around just fine, and fighting for his spot at the milk bar as ferociously as always, but you know what the human's like. She can't help but worry.

They've all learned to fight now, and are regularly having massive tussles with each other. I spend more time out of the pen now, cuz I don't like being involved in their fights. Also, their teeth are getting sharper, and to say it's uncomfortable when they feed is an understatement. I'll be glad when they learn to eat on their own.

Tomorrow they'll be four weeks old, and what an achievement that will be to get them all to that milestone! Pray for Porker, won't you? It worked last time, so perhaps it can help him not get sick!


Admiral Hestorb said...

oh the poor poor baby. I will pray for him and Tia...please comfort him?

Furkidsmom said...

We're sending rumbly purrs and prayers to Porker. We're glad your Mom was there to save Porker.

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Katnip Lounge said...

Tia, we are purring our best purrs for Sir Porker!

Everycat said...

What a scary thing to happen. It sounds like Porker is ok, but he probably has a bit of a sore throat. We hope Hamster is ok too. We are sending lots of purrs to you all

Gerry & Oliver

Random Felines said...

Very scary....we hope Porker is doing OK.

Meowers from Missouri said...

oh, tia! how furry scary--we don't blame you fur bein' upset an' confused. we are purrin' right now for porker an' hamster, an' purrrayin' that they are both ok!!

The Lee County Clowder said...

Scary! So glad your human knew what to do.