Thursday, 21 July 2011

Stealing my foods!

Friends, A few days ago, I told you that my mousies were stealing my human's attention. Well, they've progressed now to something even more hanus. They're stealing my foods! And they're aided and abetted by that human!

As you know, friends, I am a clever ladycat when it comes to getting what I want to eat. I'll pretend to like something, then wait for the human to bulk order it and go off it completely. Case in point, my Hills stinky goodness that I loved for ages. She ordered 8 boxes day before last, and yesterday and today, I've hardly touched a mouthful. Well, today actually, cuz yesterday I did eat a fair bit.

She had to go out today (that's peoples code for abandon the cat and make up some pathetic excuse about needing something important), and her travels took her to a pet shop so she bought a few different brands of stinky goodness for me to try. When she got home, she gave me something she calls Nature's Menu. Man, I thought all my christmouses had come at once! The stuff smelled heavenly and it tasted even better! I got down to some serious eating.

When I eat, my human usually mousie watches for me so that I can munch in peace and not worry about them escaping, so I thought nothing of it when her hands came into the box and started to move the mousies around. I didn't even look up when they squeaked. Her hand came towards the bowl, but then it went away again, so I carried on. Then it came back again, and again. I looked up, and there was Porker licking and licking at her finger. What was this! Her finger was covered in my stinky goodness! Porker only liked the juice though, and spat out any bits that went in his mouth, and Hamster wouldn't taste it at all. I stopped worrying. Juice was nice, but I could live without it. She took some more stinky goodness, and this time, she fed it to the Baby. Well, something unexpected happened. Unlike Porker, the Baby didn't spit out the bits. in fact, the more she got, the more she wanted. When she started to chew on the human's finger, that human took a big gob of food and held it in her fingers. The Baby licked, then, liking what she was tasting, she sucked and sucked and sucked. She doesn't know you're sposed to chew, you see. When the human's hand came back for some more food, I knew I was in trouble. I know how much those mousies drink, so if they eat just as much, there'd be no stinky goodness left for me! I began to gulp, but the human's big fingers kept scooping more out for the Baby.

When I looked back again, she had finished. She says the Baby ate about a teaspoot full of stinky goodness, but she got more on her than in her. Her little face was covered, which meant I had to clean her. Hamster and Porker too, but I didn't mind all that much, as they tasted of stinky goodness. I did a thorough job on them!

I have this feeling though. I don't think it's gonna be too long before they are stealing my foods on their own, and I don't like the idea! Do you think there's any way of getting the human to give me more foods so that I'll still have some to eat? Is there even a small possibility that their new apetite will mean that I might starve? Is my life drawing to a prolonged, hungry close? Is that a light I see at the end of the tunnel? Stay tuned to find out!


Furkidsmom said...

Oh no! They stole your food? That is sooo wrong! On the other paw, maybe if they eat stinky goodness they'll spend less time at the milk bar!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

The Lee County Clowder said...

Tia, kittie, you don't have to worry about starving. Your Human will make sure you get plenty foods. (which doesn't mean you shouldn't scream and cry like a starving kitten about to go to The Bridge anyway)

We're with Furkidsmom. If the mousies are eating your stinky goodness, they won't be at the milk bar as much, which will feel a lot better once their teeths are in a bit more.

Everycat said...

Tia, your Mum will have extra food on hand to give you, so don't worry. The more stinky goodness that the mousies eat, the less they will be drinking from you, so you will get a bit of a rest here and there whilst they learn to eat. We've had Nature's Menu and we loved it too. We're very happy that the mousies are starting to eat solid foods!

Gerry & Oliver

Hannah and Lucy said...

Tia your mum won't let you starve - she needs you to be fit and strong to show your babies how to do things as they get older and can fend for themselves more. The more they eat the less their teeth will be nibbling your nimples so you won't be so sore.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Random Felines said...

Don't worry honey - we think this means your mom will be putting MORE stinky goodness out....

Katnip Lounge said...

Tia, we foresee a veritable buffet in your future! We are so happy the mousies are turning into proper kittens.